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The dawn of a new game...VBS1

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Here's a big question: Do hand grenades explode on impact, like they do in OFP? I've been hoping that they've changed that to make it realistic. Also, what about tracers? Are they still either all on or all off?

Hand Nades still explode on impact- no reason why someone I guess couldn't make it so they don't...

Re Tracers dependent on weaponry obviously the MG's have tracers. The M9 still does...

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When Marek (BIS director, founder etc) was visiting our studio I talked to him about it. The Czech army uses an explode-on-impact fuse in their hand grenades. He had no idea that any other kind existed, so they never programmed for the possibility.

Russia's new RGO/RGN grenades are this way too, and it makes some sense, the enemy has no time to react. Both czech/russian grenades have a delay fuse for when there isn't enough shock to detonate on impact.

Tracers are still under the same constraints as OFP.

I think SnYpir's ECP mod has delay frags. I'm not sure if they have proper bounce/roll physics though, it may just stick on the ground as the point where normal OFP grenades would explode.

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Eye Candy

Get yer helmets... :support:

Things were not looking good from the get go. SFOD-D Team Spike's insertion was delayed and resulted in a daylight insertion...


Objective BEAR, an innocuous looking church atop a high feature commanded an excellent overwatch for the (now delayed) Ranger insertion into Objective KODIAK, a small hamlet that controlled a bridgehead. Team Spike's task was to seize the high feature and direct CAS to supress KODIAK prior to the Ranger's arrival.


The enemy at BEAR, alerted to Tm Spike's presence by the withdrawing helicopters, put up stiff resistance.


Despite intelligence to the contrary, a BMP2 from KODIAK responding to a call for support from the enemy at BEAR began pounding Spike's newly won turf. With two operators lightly wounded and worse, a destroyed radio, another operator salvaged an RPG and after two near misses finally destroyed the BMP.


With KODIAK a frenzied hornets nest and without comms to the supporting AH's, Tm Spike launched paraflares to signal a lack of comms and that KODIAK was hot.

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I can't wait for VBS-1 to hit the USA! :) I'd like to see the new features, and see how much more advanced it is than OFP. By the way, how's the land down under, Earl? It's hot, humid, and generally unpleasant here in the Sunshine State.

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MarauderMike, what mission is that :unsure:

Again Jack it's just my mate muckin' about with the mission editor. He sucks at it though, can't even get a frickin helicopter to pick up troops and transport them from point A to B... mind you if he read the instrcutions it might help things out a tad. SO this is just another simple insert unit here...go here...kill badniks...quit to mission editor...*sigh* :(

Of course he has pleanty of RW Infantry experience and would be a great assistant to a talented mission modder, specifically with storyline/orders/tactical placement of wpn systems etc... :D

He's also a total n00b at OFP/VBS1 so he's a tad dangerous...to himself. <_<

I just like keepin' it real round these parts... also to annoy SN. :whistle:

...Just kiddin' bawse.

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Since VBS-1 is based on the OFP engine, the commands are probably similar. Here's a basic setup to get a chopper to pick up/drop off some troops:


1 - Create a new group of men

2 - Create a new helicopter


There are two ways to do this:

1 - Give the group of men a waypoint, of type "Get In", and place it directly on the helicopter. The group will get in before the helicopter takes off

2 - Give the group a "Get In" waypoint, and give the helicopter a "Load" waypoint. Using the synchronize command, drag from the "Get In" to "Load" waypoint. The two should now be linked by a blue line, and the bird will wait for all of the men to get in before it loads.


1 - Give the men a "Get Out" waypoint, and give the helicopter a "Transport Unload" waypoint. Link the two with the synchronize command just as before.

Also, you can have the team start in the vehicle, by giving the vehicle an individual name, such as Bird1, and inserting the following into the group leader's INIT field:

"_x moveincargo Bird1" foreach units this

put the name of your helicopter/truck/plane in place of Bird1.

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@ dekela, thanks Mate...still havin' trouble with the night mission though...

@ Para, I think they are the same/similar controls, I'll pass it on and let you know...this way we can have some more missions to play.... I think Jack is getting antsy for some new onea...lol

@ Slink, yeah they did, a tad bruised and battered though... like I said, not a proper mission as he's still learnin'...

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Now that I'm back from some leave and the ole lady will be away for a coupla nights... perhaps its time for my friend to fire up some VBS1 and the attendant eye candy... perhaps some western desert action...

...if only some talented VBS1/OFP savant could figure out a way for THIS and its attendant skins, vehs etc... to work... :rocky:

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