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The dawn of a new game...VBS1

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Well, here's some new's for all of you that's played Op Flashpoint and have heared rumors about the version tailored for military use, in other words VBS1 (Virtual Battlefield Simulation 1) and have always wanted to try it. As from today, as far as I know, its going public for residents outside of the US and Canada.

The site containing all the nedded info along with some very yummy screenshots and info is

VBS1: Virtual Battlespace.com

For all those Spec op nuts out there I recommend checking out the Special Forces pack.

My copy including all addons are already in the mail and I'm expecting it to arrive sometime tomorrow. :P Set up an OP on the lawn waiting for the postman to arrive in something like 10 hours....if he doesn't have it there will be problems! :o=


PS: think this info is displayed here first, no other site seems to have it yet. So you heared it here first!

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yes, it accually says on their home page

VBS1™ was designed for federal, state, and local government agencies for military, law enforcement, homeland defence, and first responder training. Although VBS1™ is now available to the public you should consider that it was designed for these applications.
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Strange thing is...the sys req look pretty basic:

Hardware Requirements

Recommended System

    * Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, or XP

    * DirectX 8

    * 1.7 GHz Pentium 4 (or better)

    * 512 MB RAM

    * NVidia GeForce 4 video card with 64 MB Ram

    * 16-Bit Direct Sound Compliant Sound Card

    * 24x CD-ROM Drive

    * 700 MB Hard Drive space


Minimum System

    * Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, or XP

    * DirectX 8

    * 1.0 GHz Pentium III

    * 256 MB RAM

    * NVidia GeForce 2 video card with 32 MB RAM

    * 16-Bit Direct Sound Compliant Sound Card

    * 8x CD-ROM Drive

    * 700 MB Hard Drive space

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ok, ok. so those screens look killer. but does the game come with missions? i mean, are you gonna have to make your own scenarios in the mission editor just to play?

i'm in Canada, so unless i can get relatives in england to ship it.... i'm outa luck (PS, do you think the game would recognize where you are 'cause i think XP logs that kind of info.)

someone tell us what it's like...please... :huh:

-PS- anybody notice that the sceens here look MUCH worse than the incredable ones here?

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It's arrived!! :D Time for some serious testing here I'd say.

I'll see if I can manage to grabb some screenies to post up here later on.

And Chems, sorry mate but I somehow think this puppy is alittle to copy protected for that as it comes with a USB encryption key that needs to be installed for it to run. :blink: Yup...both a standard CD key and a hardware key.

About those system specs, I'd say they are for the core program and that the addon packs might need just that little bit more as they have higher res models.

EDIT: seems like I was assuming to much here about who was involved in creating on the ADF addon. :wall: Comment removed from thread. Sorry guys :(

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