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Joining a Multiplayer Game

1. Insert the Ghost Recon CD-ROM and start the game.

2. From the Main Menu,click on Options.

3. Click on the Multiplayer Tab.

4. Select the Player Name field.

5. Type in the name you want to be known as in the game.

6. Click Accept. This will take you back to the Main Menu.

7. Click on Multiplayer.

8. Select Internet.

9. The list of server names here shows all of the server addresses that you've previously chosen to save.

    *NOTE: GR doesn't use a server browser. You have to manually enter the IP's of servers
    (found posted on GR websites & forums) or use a program like "All Seeing Eye" (which will list active server & games)
    or alternatively you can use an external 3rd party game management tool like Xfire to launch GR and connect automatically

The game will automatically look to see if games are available on previously saved servers when you enter this screen.

Underneath the list of server names is a text field where you can type in the address of a new server you want to check for an available game.

Clicking on the Add button adds the server to your list. Selecting a server from the list and clicking on the Delete button removes that server from your list.

Clicking the Info button gives you information on the currently selected server, and if no server is selected, the button is greyed out.

Clicking on the Refresh List button makes Ghost Recon run through your list of servers again to see if there's been any change in status since the last time you looked.

10. Type in the password and/or port if necessary.

11. Select Join Game.

12. Add yourself to a platoon by clicking on a platoon tab, then clicking on a spot within that platoon.

13. Click on the Soldier tab.

14. Scroll through the available soldier types with the left and right arrows at the top of the screen. Stop when you find the soldier you want to play.

15. Scroll through the available kit types for your soldier with the left and right arrows that bracket the kit names. Stop when you find the kit you want to use.

16. Click on the Ready box, and wait for the game to start.

*NOTE: you must be running the same expansion packs, patch level and mods as the server to join

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Hosting by direct IP

Most of us here wouldn't touch the ubi servers with a 10ft barge pole.

The easiest (and IMHO the best) way to host is by direct IP:

For the Host:

    1. Launch GR
    2. Activate any mods
    3. Select multiplayer
    4. Select "Internet"
    5. Select "create game"
    6. Select the desired server settings.
    7. Post the External IP in a games room forum (like the one here) or send it to friends via ICQ/E-mail/MSN Etc)

For the Client:

    1. Launch GR
    2. Activate any mods
    3. Select multiplayer
    4. Select "Internet"
    5. Type the hosts external IP address into the box (and PW if the host is using one)
    6. Select "Add" (IP is added to the server list and should show the game details)
    7 Select "Join"

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Ports used by Ghost Recon

If playing or hosting behind a router you will need to foreword the ports used by the game from the router to the PC:

The exact method will vary depending on the make of router - See portforward.com for step-by-step guides for most router's.

Some will want one entry for each port:

    #1. = 2346 TCP
    #2. = 2346 UDP

    #3. = 2347 TCP
    #4. = 2347 UDP

    #5. = 2348 TCP
    #6. = 2348 UDP

    #7. = 2349 TCP
    #8. = 2349 UDP

Some will allow a range to be specified:

so for GR (Add a Service) :
    the service name = Ghost Recon

    the start port = 2346

    the end port = 2349

    Select both TCP and UDP

    the Server IP Address = this is the Internal IP of the machine "hosting" GR (Launch a DOS window and type ipconfig to show the IP of that PC)

*if you are using the ubi.com servers you will also need to make more entries (as above for GR) for the following ports:

    80: Usual Web Port
    6667: Usual Chat Port
    40000-42000: Required Ports for ubi.com

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How to find out your external IP Address

Depending on your system set-up the IP that Ghost Recon lists "in game" is the internal IP of that specific PC, not the external IP of your router/modem

To find out your current External IP just visit one of these sites:








this is the IP you need to give to the other players when you are Hosting a game.

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How to Disable XP's built in firewall

On the PC that is hosting/playing GR.

1. Go to Network connections,

2. Right click on the relevant network connection and select properties

3. Select "advanced" and make sure the box under "Internet connection firewall" is unchecked.

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Port forwarding for Internet Connection Sharing

On the gateway PC (the one with direct connection to Internet)

    1. select Start -> Settings -> select your Internet connection

    2. Properties -> Advanced -> Settings -> Add

    3. Enter a Description of the Services (Eg Ghost Recon 1,2,3.. Etc)

    4. Enter the IP of the PC that will be playing/hosting GR

    5. For the internal/external port numbers, you need to add 2346, 2347, 2348 & 2349 both UDP and TCP.

for ICS you need to make one service for each of the ports

Click here for > ICS forwarding Screen shot

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server IPs in the multiplayer screen

Q: Even when I add the server IPs in the multiplayer screen they go away or others go away.

A: There is a bug in the GR program using the Add or Del buttons on the multiplayer screen. What happens is that in the options file GR needs both a header and trailer on the IP addresses. GR fails to put a header or trailer in at some times (or fails to remove it when you delete) and thus it messes up your multiplayer screen.

One way to resolve this is to go in and manually edit your options.xml file.

If you go to your .../program files/red storm entertainment/ghost recon folder you will find a file called OPTIONS.XML this is where all your GR options are stored.

#1 Copy the file so you have a backup. Editing the Options XML file can result in needing to re-install GR. Make a Backup

#2. Right click on the options.xml file and change the permissions. The file is read only, remove that restriction.

#3. Open options.xml file with either notepad or wordpad.

Inside the Options.xml file you may find something like:








or like this:








Do you see where the middle line does not have both a begining and ending ip address. it is also thought that when GR runs into a ipaddress/ it tells it to end IPs.

Yours should look like:







save the options.xml

restart GR

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