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First Person Weapon Perspective Mods?


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I watched the GR2 ingame video.

At first i had the disapointement to see the enemy IA not taking cover like in the actual GR, or the allied AI walking past an enemy to the designed waypoint without looking at the enemy, and the 3rd person view is not immersive at all.

But i noticed that when the player used the "zoom" , the weapon sight was taking the whole screen, at least i was happy to see what i hoped since i have played the Infiltration mod for UT and Operation Flashpoint to exist in GR.

So certainly something like the photoshop work i made in the screenshot is not possible ingame in GR because of the reticle limitations in size, but it will be possible in GR2.

Now, if only GR2 had nothing to do with what i saw on the video and was not edited by ubi soft ...

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