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Possible mod - Ghost Recon 1.0???

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All new but nothing new.

Well i just finished a mod for personal use that combines parts from community mods and of personal making.


The 3 original campaigns linked in this order IT DS and GR.

In IT you unlock only US specialists since Cuba is a local problem.

In DS you unlock the UK and German(since both UK and germans intevined in Iraq and A-Stan) specialists that add to your US ones.

In GR you unlock Osadze and Galinsky since they are local and there they are 12 specialists.

Reticles:using DSV-1 iron sights without the crosshair moving(like in AAO) and my Enemy Realism mod ballistics and adapted behaiviour.Iron sights are harder to aim since they are black but relex sights are easier since they are red.


Sharpend,added details like radios,flags,boots for desert or jungle etc.

Body armor that realy works and even stops a 7.62x39mm at range not a 7.62x51mmm from a M24 though.

All the weapons have new sounds.


From Earl`s Standard Upgrade and Vymple, WOW 3.1,DSV-1,7.62mm,WildCat spec ops .

Standard rifleman:

M16A2 and M4A1 with M203,Sensors,M9-SD and extra ammo.All with iron sights.

Standard Support:

M249 and M240 with iron sights.

Standard sniper:

M24,M4-SD iron sights and 3 mags,M16A2+M203 for spotter.

Standard Demo:

M4a1 with iron sights.


Astra G.:


Buzz G.:

M16A4 with M203, C-mags all with refex sight.

Munz D.:

Mg-3 with iron sights.

**Since the US has no womans in combat units intoducing.

Kurt Cohen: USSF

from the mod SOF model and attacments plus a modified skin from me.

Sr-47 with ACOG both SD and nonSD.

Samuel Grey: USMC

M249 with elcan


M4 with M203 or Masterkey and reflex sight

M4 sopmod with RedDot.


replaced Mp5 with G-36C with iron sights.


Xm29 and Xm-8

The rest no cahnges to weapons except weapon models and sounds.

The missions:

same objectives but a little different tango placemnt and more realistic weapons.

Introducing from the mod Spetsgrupa Vymple enemy weapons.








FAL etc.

Now if i theorethical ask and get permission for using all those files and put it in a mod would you D/L it and play with it?

Also i`m thinkng about giving all the non US specailists US equipment and BDU`s what about that.

Also i would like to post screenshots but i don`t have web space.

I did not release or send this mod to anyone i`m the only person on this planet that has it.And i will not release it to anyone untill/if i get permision from all those mod amking people i have files from.

For personal use only.

All the credit goes to the amkers of the mods and a little to me for some imporvments.

Copy shortcut and then paste or save as to view.





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I say you can use what i made in it... grt dont mind either

The WOW3 stuff... as for the what Kafee contributed tow WOW3 you might have to ask him. or you can delete it or replace it....

(Kafee did the Sound2 Folder sounds) p_m9_s.wav and p_svd_s.wav

grt dont mind either

i think compilations are the best... bunch of mods working together to make one killer mod.... without the fuss of downloading a bunch of diffrent ones.

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Ok big changes.

I figure that the Ghosts need a standard in uniforms and weapons so...The specialists have normal uniforms and better weapons.

If the standard support has the M240 with iron sights D.Munz has the M240 with 3.4x Elcan Scope or if the Demo has a M4A1 with iron sights K.Henkle has a M4 with Acog and 2 mmore clips/mags.


Riflemans 9 mags or 7 mags and 5 M203 rounds.

Demo 5 mags and the AT-4 limited at 1.

Heavy Weapns 600 5.56mm rnds or 400 7.62mm rnds.

Sniper 100 rnds.

Standard Snipers:since in the original game they wear ghillie suits but have a Stealth skill of no more than 2 and the specialists hae a high stealth skill but no ghilli i found that not right so Galisnky and Stone have ghillie and the standard snipers no.

Sniper weapon is now a M16 with bipod and 10x scope and SF only with 20rnd mag(From M16 Armoury).

All the non_US specialists have standard uniforms with identifing tags,flags and badge.

Also they have US weapons.

Galinsky=Sr-25 and SR-25SD.

Stone=M24 with AN/PVS-10

Munz=M240 with 3.4x Elcan

Osadze=M249Para and aimpoint

Henkel=M4SD,M4SD-ACOG and Demo or Claymore

Tunney=M4,M4SD,M4ACOG,M4ACOG SD and only AT-4(2)

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Thanks only the M16DM with 20rnd mags and scope in wood cammo(.mdl texture and kit icons)

So many spelling mistakes i`m typing fast sorry.

The difference between a standard rifleman and a specialist.

standard (copy and paste or save as to view.Damn server)




New Sniper:


M16 iron sights


M16 refelx sight


Reticles from DSV-1 mods

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First to explain what i intended with this mod is to bring a mix between realism and a Commandos type gameplay with very and repeat very strict specialization no two man have the same posibilities:

Rifleman: has standard 9 mags for the M4/16 or 7 mags when using the M203 wich has 5 rounds.

Support: has 400 7.62 rnds or 600 5.56 rnds and maximum of 2 frags.

Sniper: has 60 5.56 rnds and 2 frags max.

Demo: 5 M4 mags and 4 frags max.

All standard soldiers have Iron Sights only suggested settings for reticle color R/G/B 170/170/170.

Specialists have reflex,red dot,aimpoint or ACOG sights and supressors also more ammo/equipment than standard soldiers.Also the stats are made to reflect personal profile.

Snipers since standard snipers have ghillie suits and low staealth and specialist snipers have high stealth and no ghillie.So now the things are inverted and fixed.

Simulated body armor that stops a 7.62x39 at range but not a 7.62x51mm from a sniper weapon.

The Ghosts are a multinational UN unit with US,UK and German elite soldiers and attached indigenous soldiers A.Galinsky and G.Osadze.

They have a standard uniforms and US weapons since they are one unit and you need a standard in a unit so in a platoon there are no 6 different uniforms and 6 different weapons of same class no such things happen IRL.So the specialists have US uniforms US weapons but identifing flags and name tags.

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