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GR Retreat Went to E3: so the question is

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Ok Anubis where are you and where is your report?

What were the questions that you finally settled on asking from the forum thread here about it?

What were the REAL details you were able to gather? Aside from the corporate yap yap, were any of our tough questions answered to anything even remotely satisfactorily?

Lay it on us dude. We can take it! :angry:

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If so send in the ghosts from gr1 cause the ghosts from gr2 are run n gun [idiots] and probably wouldn't know what to do besides blow up everything!


My theory is that since Anubis had so many annoyingly truth revealing questions that ubi was forced to have him "rubbed out". Because they were too embarassed when they failed to answer him unsatisfactorily.

Anubis:"Would it be fair to say that since the game's design is to be shared among all the platforms that gr2 will not be as optimized as say...if it were designed initially for the pc then ported to consoles?

ubi corporate zombie:"well heh heh...umm whoa ahhh...ah ha...well you see sir thats an excellent question and umm....heh heh..oooo kkk...ahhh we'll have to wait and see heh heh." *looks nervous* :unsure:

Anubis:"How would you rate the quality of the game engine to the new modern game engines of the competition?"

yet another ignorant ubi mouthpiece:"well duh uhh umm...you see this product has a derrrr doiiii darrrrrr" :wacko:

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Hey guys, I corresponded with Anubis just before he left. With regards to videos, he found out the camcorder he got for the trip cannot upload video to his laptop, so our videos may have to wait until after he gets home.

To be honest, Red Storm has pulled all the stops making the 11 minute gameplay video and intro video available to all already on E3 Day 1, so I'm not too sure how much more we can add. We did discuss getting a video tour of the GR booth done though.

In terms of our formal interview, Anubis will be recording it and transcribing it when he gets home. So that will not be published until after E3. However, I'm hoping he logs on to give us an interim report, and maybe he can give you some quick answers early.

Please realize that Anubis is also covering E3 for WolfGaming.net too, where he is a Site Director.


So he is covering lots of other games like Stalker, Tribes: Vengence, etc.

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who cares if it took em 11 years to put together that video. If its still showcasing inferior crud then it sorta doesn't matter huh?

I hope for one that Anubis wasn't taken aback from the spotlights and focusd and asked ubi/redstorm some if not most of our hard hitting questions. I will be very curious to see and hear what took place at that interview. <_<

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I see someone has had a little while to stew on this. I will make this brief, as it is still 11pm PST and I have to transcribe 4 full length articles, including Ghost Recon2 and Rainbow Six: Black Arrow.

The development team have put in many new features and also made sure to retain the "hardcore" element of "1 shot, 1 kill". I do have to say, there wasn't the "corp hub-bub"!! They were MORE than gracious in accomodating me during their busy schedule. Why? Because they know I was there for the GR community. I am not Gamespot, Gamespy or IGN. Why lie to someone when the community would cannabolise itself and the game?

The game designer, Christian Allen, is a Player first. He still plays and plays on UBI none the less. He is also a modder of the R6 Rogue Spear days. He understands what a let down is and knows that the community is the life blood of the longevity of the game and community.

The term "Ask and you shall receive" comes to mind when I see this game. They put in alot of features we, the community, asked for. I had a chance to play it as well and the video you seen is the version I played. I also have another video, of the same level, but different routes with commentary.

I will release a final version of everything when I transcribe and polish it up.

I would like to address Stalker's "concerns", though.

My impression of the game is solid. Granted, I am and always will be a true fan of GR and what it represents.

I would like to say that your name has come up in conversation. I told Heather (producer) that you are a pain, but that isn't something we didn't know ;)

I'm sorry to say SZ, you won't get the sorry story from me. Call me the "GR Fanboy", but I liked the game and the look.

The game has the first person view and has a fully accessible RvS style weapons load out

I'll post it in the interview and review of the X-Box display of GR2.

Now off to type 4 reports with 15 minutes of verbal content. Each.

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How can you say you loved that stuff? Is everybody gone crazy? Do they think I am a pain? Do they UNDERSTAND why my comments are the way that they are?

That is OLD TECHNOLOGY they got there man. Can't you see that??

Well I tell ya......they won't be putting up with me very much longer I can tell you. :angry:

STALKER shadows of chernobyl, Doom3, Half life2, Farcry here I come. <_<

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Anubis did you say you played the xbox version? Or the pc version? Which one? I was hoping that the pc version would be better looking but your dashing my and others hopes by saying its the same.

Dang nabbit! I wish farcry, stalker, doom3, hl2 wasn't in existence. Then I probably would have like gr2.......somewhat. :(

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X-Box is the game I played. It is a development model of the X-Box that had GR2 loaded in it.

I think you are being a bit extreme on the Hate factor. I don't play X-box nor will I in the foreseeable future, but the game was great IMO. The Old skooler will still have many features that the old had, with a dash of new features.

Chicken little, the sky isn't falling :thumbsup:

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*shakes head violently* oooooooooo k.

Let me approach this in a different way............

Anubis, were you able to ask any of my questions or others that were posted here by your request to be asked of the gr people?

And if so could you please tell us which questions from that list you were able to ask?

Yes? :thumbsup:

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looking forward to your reports Anubis. Not everyone here is doom and gloom about GR2. Some just haven't understood that development isn't finished and the version shown was XBox's version. Doesn't necessarily mean the PC will be different of course, but there's more then enough time to see considerable changes made still for those that feel they are needed.

And thx for taking time out to visit E3 for those of us that couldn't go.

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DonMiguel.....your living in denial.

I just waitin to get word from bajabravo and El Oso. Voices of reason.

They said that gr is bein made for a cross platform deployment!!!

Why do you think they showed the xbox version first? Do you really think the pc version is gonna be any different? Oh wow they will make the pc version first person.

So what?

I was worried that I would have to buy a new system or vid card to play gr2 but it seems that I will be happy with my old system cause that graphics engine is just too old man. 3 years and all they did was upgrade the original 3d engine? Oh wow they throw in ragdoll physics like its something new. LOL and they really excited about that too. Ragdoll is yesterdays news! Oh wow they throw in some havok physics.

That lazy closed minded short sighted stuff doesnt cut it against the cutting edge technology being developed at other companies.

Try to imagine NVIDIA trying to compete against ATI's x800 XT card with their old 5200 card. If they advertised that the 5200 is the best in the world it still won't change the truth that its not.

But good thing NVIDIA has the 6800 ultra otherwise they would be in trouble.

Is anybody at least TRYING to comprehend what I am trying to get across?

I want ghost recon 2 to be the best game the planet has ever seen cause ghost recon deserves its sequel to BE JUST THAT!!! <_<

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I would like to say that your name has come up in conversation.  I told Heather (producer) that you are a pain, but that isn't something we didn't know ;)

I'm sorry to say SZ, you won't get the sorry story from me.  Call me the "GR Fanboy", but I liked the game and the look.

See stalker i told you..all that posting will get you noticed..in a bad way :rofl:

GR Dudes:

Rifleman: :rocket:

Support: :support:

Demo: :rambo:

Sniper: :support:

thats how i look at it

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On a closely related note, The Platoon has some (7) GR videos taken on a digital camera (with mpeg support) that breathe new life into the low quality movies we've seen.

Much better views at the gameplay videos as we've seen so far. The Ghosts actually look like... themselves for a change (from what we've seen so far).

It's all beta at this point. ALL. Sure, be concerned, but don't base final judgement on what's little more than a tech demo.

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Fine. Let them say sz is a pain. The other I know who feel same way ain't even bothering to post their feeling cause they realize that gr won't be worh their time anymore. :(

I just doint what they not willing to do.

:( I'm probably gr's biggest fan which is why I so mad that such a mediocre effort is being put into its sequel. What kills me though is that they honestly think they doing something good. Dang it! i wish El Oso had been hired to help on gr2. He woulda been angry at the crappy technology they were throwing at the project and he would have demaded them do something better.

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Why do you think they showed the xbox version first?

Could it be because Ubisoft has 14 titles at E3, so they had to pick and choose?

Or that the original GR was developed for PC and Xbox side by side?

Or that Microsoft's entire E3 setup is 170 gaming stations configured for new Xbox games and thus could demo just about everything?

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I never said if I was for or against the changes in GR2. I simply wanted Anubis to know his time is appriciated in going to E3 and letting all of us know the scoop.

And El Oso and BJB are good friends of mine and we agree across the board on 99% of the stuff about how they are developing it. However, you should understand that while the code base might be universal, it would take little more then single boolean switch to greatly change the gameplay code for compilation.

RSE and Ubisoft are in the business of game making, but it is a business make no mistake about it. If they can make the most money by catering to console groups and run & gun players then they will go that route. As a player I don't have to like that, but as a businessman I can respect that.

Again, don't jump to conclusions about GR2 til you've played it yourself with the final demo version. I've heard tons of folks post in anger over issues they either didn't consider, or didn't care to consider. Godmode, Xbox, ect ect. Their job at E3 was to create alot of hype which is easier to do with very fast, action oriented play then what any real GR player would do in a slow and sure method. You kick on superman and run thru some GR1 maps rambo style and you're gonna find alot of things look very much like that video.

Not gonna defend RSE, and not trying to personally attack you. I simply think its much better to be open to the possibilities then complain about info and opinions we're getting 2nd hand.

So, sit back and relax. Play some new games, consider how you can mod the games to death, and be ready for GR2's demo.

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Fight fight fight fight!!!


Seriously though, this thread is getting a bit out of hand. And no, this post ain't aimed at anyone inparticular.

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I know lots of folks here have been around since Rainbow Six came out. The story has always the same in the fan forums when Rogue Spear, Raven Shield, and Ghost Recon were being previewed. There was always a group of hardcore fans crying bloody murder about how their favorite game had been ruined by changes in gameplay, speed of the game, etc.

When Red Storm first released Rainbow Six, it was full of bugs. After several patches, people realized what a great game it was and it received critical acclaim. When the Rogue Spear demo came out before the game, people complained about how slow it was, until they got used to it ... then they said R6 was too much "run-and-gun". :blink:

@Stalker_Zero ... This is not a personal attack, but I just wanted to point out your 2nd question is a bit "loaded". You even mentioned how you wanted to see their facial reaction when it was asked and posted a preconceived notion of how it would be answered in this thread. (And yes, I know you were joking around ;) )

Of course GR2's graphics engine will not compare with DOOM 3 or Unreal. But just because the graphics may not be comparable doesn't mean Red Storm won't make GR2 an outstanding and fun game.

In the end, please reserve your judgement for when you buy and play the final gold version of the game. If that is full of bugs, or you just plain don't like it, your complaints will be have a reasonable basis. You can always go back to playing GR1.

In the mean time, please keep an open mind. Remember, these are the same guys that gave us Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear, and Ghost Recon 1. Red Storm didn't have to show fans anything from E3, but they went ahead and recorded the whole first level for anyone with an Internet connection and released it on Day 1 of E3.

Also, if GR2 was just GR1 with prettier graphics, people would complain that it was just "more of the same" and shouldn't be considered a full sequel.

A good example is how Blizzard took a risk with WarCraft 3. They could have just made it like WarCraft 2 or StarCraft but just in 3D. However, they took risks with the gameplay and made it more like an RPG. People who didn't like it are still playing StarCraft which is still a fantastic game, and you can even play it on a Pentium 90 with DX3 and 16MB of RAM.

With regards to our interview, Anubis said "We will try and get as many questions asked as possible!! Before we leave, I will sum up and review all the questions."

I said, "We will do our best to answer as many questions as we can in the time allotted to us. Because of this, we can't guarantee that every question will be asked."

I can tell you that we reviewed EVERY question (including yours SZ :) ) that had been posted by Tuesday afternoon at GR.net, Ubi.com, GRtwo.com and The Platoon. Because many were the same, we merged and reworded some of them to make them more clear and inclusive. Also, if you look at the list, many questions were actually more like suggestions to the devs for features to include in GR2.

In the end, we hope you will be pleased with the final interview.

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People who didn't like it are still playing StarCraft which is still a fantastic game, and you can even play it on a Pentium 90 with DX3 and 16MB of RAM.

Hmmm...cool. Now those peeps have aother game to play without having to upgrade....


Lucky, eh?

:lol::P jus kiddin folks...*honest*


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Thanks for the feedback anubis

SZ i get where your coming from but the graphics and tech should be the least of our worries. At the end of the day if the gameplay is great then I dont mind if the graphics are GR1 quality so long as the physics are better.

What worries me is the medic,the run and gun style(lets hope it was just for demo presentation), the theory of cross platform deployment e.g. the PC version wont be different to the version we have seen, the fact they all had AT-4's blah blah blah this is all gameplay related stuff and things we should be concearned about.

Hopefully RSE will shine through and we'll all be happy come November although id be happy to wait longer for a optimized PC version.

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Hopefully RSE will shine through and we'll all be happy come November although id be happy to wait longer for a optimized PC version.

Couldn't agree more.

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