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GR2 @E3: A Fan's View


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Hi all. I had a chance this morning to experience E3 for the first time. :D I only had a limited time to spend there today so I went straight to the Ubisoft area in the South Hall. Let me just cut to the chase and give a summary of what I saw.

Ghost Recon 2 Booth:

  • Large Ghost Recon 2 logo displayed over a Humvee with Producer Robbie Edwards in the turret
  • 3 plasma screens connected to Xbox's, with Producer Heather Chandler and VP Steve Reid manning the playable demos. Clancy Content Manager Travis Getz and Producer Stuart White manning the other demos in the Microsoft Xbox Area*
  • GR2 Lead Designer Christian Allen* was kitted up in full combat gear (SPEAR armor, M4, the works)

The Playable Demo:

  • Only Xbox demo was present to my knowledge
  • Splashscreen was GR2 Logo over an animated background of a wide shot of the Earth from space.
  • 3rd Person over the shoulder view* was showcased, similar to SOCOM but slightly closer
  • NEW sniper/marksman, Alicia Diaz (female) kitted out in baseball cap and oakley wrap-arounds with a yellow visor*
  • Rifle reticle looks similar to logo with a solid half crescent on top half, reticle blooms similar to GR1
  • Pistol reticle is the exact same and GR1, ie four dashes

* indicates edited text

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The Weapons and Vehicles

  • New rifle XM8 (dubbed M8 ingame) with and without nade launcher
  • Pistol is the venerable Beretta M9
  • M249 SAW now is updated with camoflauged canvas ammo box
  • SPR sniper rifle now has the bipod retracted
  • Body armor was a mix, Gunner had the US issue SPEAR, rifleman had Paraclete RAV, Markman had Blackhawk Ind. DOAV Vest*, Grenadier had either Blackhawk Indy's DOAV STRIKE*
  • Two F-35* Joint Strike Fighters made a fly over in the demo mission
  • A North Korean Kasatka helicopter was present in the demo mission, you can shoot it down with a AAA stationary gun
  • 2 and 1/2 ton utility trucks transporting N. Korean troops that you could blow up with tires flying off

The Demo Mission

  • Location North Korean Airfield
  • Objective follow up and secure the airfield after Aerial Bombardment of the area =)
  • Insertion cinematic: Camera pans from sky to ground and you see a shadow of a Blackhawk as you begin but not the model of the helo.
  • NPC support: the Britsh SAS (Boonie Hats, Bergens, Enfields*)!!! They arrive from the west to conduct a joint operation with the Ghosts!
  • You get extracted by Two MH-60K Blackhawks (minus the fuel tanks)* after the mission is over. The cinematic widscreen bars are back and the cinematics are sweet. On par with PS2 cinematics.

  • MEDIC ability. This is big. No dedicated Medic but each soldier has ability to heal superficial wounds and bleeding with Medic Command. Soldier writhes in pain while a fellow soldier comes over to apply first aid. Then voila soldier is healed (You be the judge)

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Another "fan" pre-impression for GR2 over at Gamespot HERE!

But where is the PC screens?? Haven't they started working on it yet?

I asked Travis Getz, Content Manager, this and he replied it may look similar to the Xbox screens. Didn't sound like he knew for sure. He added that the PS2 version is being developed by a dedicated PS2 team with exclusive content.

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So you just asked once about the pc version? And he just briefly mentioned that maybe pc version might look like the crappy console version?

Why the heck didn't you grab him by the collar and scream "what the hell about the bloomin pc version??? Are you saying its going to suck like the xbox version? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!". Then after that you should have proceeded to beat the gr spokesperson senseless!! :angry:

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is that it? 

Is the pc version just a bloomin after thought?  *throws chair across room*  :angry:

It was my impression that Xbox was the focus for now. That's now to say something special isn't in-store for the PC. Take what he said and what I heard with a grain of salt I guess. It was just a quick question.

Some more about the game:


Graphics and Physics:

  • Game Engine is Red Storm proprietary (in-house) with Havoc physics engine. Confirmed by Travis Getz
  • Textures depart from photo-realistic to more like how textures look in Unreal (at least to my eyes)
  • Ghost characters were extremely detailed, more polys. Radios and individual pouches were modeled. Body armor and Camelbak hydrationa system is now modeled with more volume
  • When zoomed in. Vision is blurred for near objects. at least the ront of the scope was blurred
  • Havoc engine: small objects like boxes and fier extinguisher could be moved by gun fire.
  • You could ingite a gas storage tank with an AT-4 and cause the adjacent flight contrpol tower to collapse!!
  • I witnessed a grenade kill a tango and his body instead of falling to the ground was strewn over a hood of a car!
  • Trees look like trees from all angles. No more paper cutouts.
  • Cinematics use the in-game engine from what I could tell. Black bars faded into the screen at mission start and end.
  • I saw motion blur and heat blur as Black Hawk swooped in the extraction cinematics. Real impressive!


  • Team AI - they used cover a lot, lots of new point and click commands like: suppress, move, and regroup
  • Enemy AI - they were supposed to be impoved but I witnessed more than once N. Korean soldiers run right up to my teammates and "buttheads" for several second before my avatar character killed him.
  • Command selectin screens looked like Raven Shield were you bring up a transparant "sliced-pie" menu
  • NPCs like the SAS will give direction mid-mission like you flank left.
  • Harder to TK your teammates. Reticle will change to an "X" to indicate friendlies

That's it for now. If you have questions I'll try and answer them. I'll be offline till this evening. All in all GR2 was awesome eye candy. I'll let you guys be the judge of the new features.

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quick question - will it be possible to switch characters while in-game or do we have the same character throughout? say for instance, if we need to blow up a tank, we switch to a demo guy. or will we just give a command to a teammate with rockets and he'll take care of it?

and i wish i were you right now, checking out E3, thanks for the reports

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Thx for the info. Unfortunately it sounds more and more like I'm not gone be playing GR2. At least not as much as I've played GR1. :( Medics? Phffft! :angry:

*sits back and waits for S.T.A.L.K.E.R., a game made for PC*

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we are at last looks like rse is going in a new direction

well we will always have GR1

p.s. watching the video looks like a very nice console game

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quick question - will it be possible to switch characters while in-game or do we have the same character throughout? say for instance, if we need to blow up a tank, we switch to a demo guy. or will we just give a command to a teammate with rockets and he'll take care of it?

and i wish i were you right now, checking out E3, thanks for the reports

The demo build was limited to one avatar character, the rifleman. For instance I tried to select sniper or gunner pre-mssion, but as the mission started it defaulted to the rifleman.

I overheard from Travis Getz that although it wasn't implemented at the moment, you should be able to point and click for a teammate to take out a tank or helicopter in the final build.

Btw, everyone has an AT4 now ( <_< ) so you dont need to switch to take out a tank/helo.

Will you be able to zoom in and out in the first person view as well as move around freely?

I did not see true first person view in action (I didn't see it, but it doesn't mean it isn't in the game). You went first person only when zoomed on your scope.

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I do wanna say that some things seem to be better while other things seem to make this game a bit arcady (this is my opionon and not that of GR.net). I did watch the 12 minute demo and it seems to fit with a console vs PC.

I still will not pass judgement until more information about the PC version becomes available. One thing I also will remember is that we are not seeing optimized code for even the XBox and still do not know exactly how this new view that RSE is refering to will look like. The PC should be totally different and offer better control (at least I hope so).

Anything I say about GR2s looks, playabiity, or design attributes is my opinion and my opinion only and not that of GhostRecon.net.

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I agree with WK on the arcade feel. It smacks of DFBHD in the speed and pace of the missions. At least the enemy can't shoot as well as before. It also looks like there isn't much 'recon' in Ghost Recon. Stealth won't help much on that map anyway - it's chaos!

Looks playable and fun (the sheer level of carnage is a blast) but in its present state, it ain't fit to carry the franchise onto PC.

Definitely a consoler's game....

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Video= :drool::drool::drool:

I really really like the look of the models :thumbsup:

A few things kinda bug me like everyone with an AT4, seems kinda odd, not sure how it is in R/L. Maybe a LAW (the small pull out rocket thingy, kinda plasticky looking) would be practical :unsure:

Also the shooting the chopper seemed kinda "rambo" to me. I mean if it was from a distance and concealed position then it would kinda make sense, but not staring the chopper head on :wacko

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I was suppose to go to LA this week for E3. I'm so glad I didn't. I only wanted to see the GR2 guys.

I hope they're just messing with the pc players and saving the good stuff for last. I can't believe UBI/RSE would forget the serious tactical side of GR.

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