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Ive thought twice about posting about this topic, and if a moderator feels they wish to delete this post - please do. I understand. Just worth saying though.

Just viewed that video.

of the beheading.

curiosity killed the cat...

and I would advise anyone who has the chance, to probably give it a miss.

Deeply disturbing...and the kind of thing that no man should ever see.

Unfortunately with the internet as it is...this sick piece of video will probably be viewed by millions within weeks.

A sad demeaning day for humanity indeed. A sad day indeed.

Thoughts to the victim's family and kin.

I hope this kind of thing ends some day. I really really do.

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what did you expect to see? Personally i'll never be curious enough to watch someone be executed.

That's just it. I had expectations...but it is also something that most people normally would never witness. Curiousity is a natural attribute of humanity - even in macabre circumstances such as this.

When it only takes one click - it can be hard not to look upon something. Even when you have an idea of its gruesome nature.

It is by this that we can really witness and experience the feeling of revultion that reinforces the fact that we are in fact human. If I had watched it and felt nothing - then I would have found out something bad about myself. Needless to say, I did feel - sick.

I can't explain why we as people often look upon horror - it's part of our makeup. I can only say that it reinforced or even redefined my absolute regret at how we as a people have not really evolved at all.

Still a planet full of barbaric animals. On both sides of any divide you wish to define.

No point in pretending things don't happen. Or 'turning a blind eye'.

What does that achieve for the advancement of us as good people.

Absolutley nothing.

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someone inadvertently placed a link on another execution of a Chechan(???spellcheck) soldier...poster didn't give a description of the link. I thought that was so inconsiderate. If I remember right, it didn't receive positive feedback from here.

I too pass on the video.

I rather peep a sorority shower than this type of video.

(just trying to lighten it up :rolleyes: )

me n misses pray for their family.

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I rather peep a sorority shower than this type of video.

(just trying to lighten it up :rolleyes: )

well...there's also some good AMVs and Hentai AMVs worth watching (like the Ghost in the Shell AMV with the sound from The Matrix Trailer dubbed perfectly in..oh yea.. :o=:thumbsup: )

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Video is messed up, interent is messed up, WORLD IS MESSED UP!!!!!

My god, ive seen some awful stuff (kids fallin to there deaths of a cliff etc), but this is screwed up. it makes you sick, then angry, then just weird.



And please, no one be a complete spanner and link to it!

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yes for most pass it up, seeing the vividness of death is a very difficult thing to handle. I feel for his family having to know that many out there have now seen this. ive seen this stuff before and will have to pass this time.

i do hope that good comes out of this video being shown. maybe for many it will help reinstill the reality of the evils we face and are trying to abolish.

In every generation evil will be born, and every generation must enevitable face it head on.

my kindest thought to him and his family

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It's sad too. Iraq was actually getting world sympathy for the Prisoner Abuse scandal, but now it's like, why should we bother?

It's a very delicate situation that should be handled appropriately; and suing the US Army wont help.

I'm shocked people are asking for a link, but my guess is they're not aware of what happened.

My thoughts and love are with the family; no body deserves what happened to Nick, no one.

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i herd very little i just know its graphic....

dont even know the story about it. some one is executed all i know

For those unfamiliar with the story, the below article is a most recent one from the National Post (Canada).

Questions surround young American beheaded on video


Roberth Reid

Canadian Press

May 13, 2004

BAGHDAD -- The young American decapitated on a videotape posted by an al-Qaida-linked website was never in U.S. custody despite claims to the contrary by his family, U.S. authorities said Wednesday.

Statements by American officials in Iraq leave many unanswered questions, including why Iraqi police jailed Nicholas Berg for nearly two weeks and why U.S. officials repeatedly questioned him in custody.

Also unknown is where and under what circumstances Berg disappeared. He was last in contact with U.S. officials in Baghdad on April 10, and his body was found Saturday in Baghdad. Staff members at the $30-a-night Al-Fanar Hotel in Baghdad told The Associated Press that Berg stayed there for several days until April 10.

Two e-mails sent by Berg to his family and friends show the 26-year-old telecommunications expert travelled widely and unguarded in areas of Iraq - a dangerous practice rarely done by westerners.

The FBI warned Berg shortly before his disappearance that Iraq was too volatile a place for unprotected American civilians but he turned down a State Department offer to fly him home, U.S. officials said Wednesday.

Berg was inspecting communications facilities, some of which were destroyed in the war or by looters.

During his time in Iraq, he struggled with the Arabic language and worked at night on a tower in Abu Ghraib, a site of repeated attacks on U.S. convoys and the location of the notorious prison where U.S. soldiers abused Iraqi inmates.

His father, Michael Berg, told The AP that Michael's sister, now dead, married an Iraqi man named Mudafer, who became close to Nicholas. In one of the e-mails, Nicholas Berg describes going to the northern city of Mosul, where he introduced himself to Mudafer's brother, identified as Moffak Mustaffa.

"We got along splendidly," Berg wrote. "We spent a few hours and I helped him establish an e-mail account."

Berg notes that "my presence  . . . made him more concerned (about his own safety and probably mine too) than I've been the entire time I've been here."

The young man was beheaded Tuesday on a video bearing the title "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi shown slaughtering an American," referring to an associate of Osama bin Laden believed behind a wave of suicide bombings in Iraq.

In Washington, Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said it was likely that al-Zarqawi himself was "the lead perpetrator." Al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian, is wanted in the killing of an American diplomat in Jordan in 2002 and is suspected of ordering many suicide bombings in Iraq.

U.S. spokesmen Dan Senor and Brig.-Gen. Mark Kimmitt were quick to offer statements of condolence to his family and to draw attention to the barbarity of his death. Senor also said that "to my knowledge" Berg was not affiliated with any U.S. or coalition organization, nor was he ever in U.S. custody.

However, Senor said Iraqi police arrested Berg in Mosul on March 24 because local authorities believed he may have been involved in "suspicious activities."

Senor refused to say more, citing the sensitivity of the case. But he did confirm that the Americans were aware Berg was in custody.

"U.S. authorities were notified," he said. "The FBI visited Mr. Berg on three occasions and determined that he was not involved with any criminal or terrorist activity."

Berg was released April 6 and "was advised to leave the country," Senor added. Instead, Berg checked into the Baghdad hotel.

Senor referred questions about the reason for Berg's detention to the Iraqi police.

In Mosul, however, police said they had no knowledge of the Berg case. Police official Safwan Talal said the only American arrested there in recent months was a woman who was released soon afterward.

Since Iraq remains under U.S. military occupation, it seems unlikely that the Iraqi police would have held Berg, or any other American, for such a length of time without at least the tacit approval of U.S. authorities.

"The Iraqi police do not tell the FBI what to do, the FBI tells the Iraqi police what to do," Michael Berg said. "Who do they think they're kidding?"

Berg told his family that U.S. officials took custody of him soon after his arrest and he was not allowed to make phone calls or contact a lawyer, his father said.

Kimmitt said U.S. forces kept tabs on Berg during his confinement to make sure he was being fed and properly treated because "he was an American citizen."

But the three FBI visits suggest American authorities were concerned about more than Berg's well-being. They may have had their own suspicions about what he was doing in Iraq.

During a briefing Wednesday, Senor confirmed that Berg had registered with the U.S. Consulate in Baghdad but insisted he "was not a U.S. government employee, he has no affiliation with the coalition and to our knowledge he has no affiliation with any Coalition Provisional Authority contractor."

He also stated that Berg "was at no time under the jurisdiction or detention of coalition forces."

However, in a Jan. 18 e-mail, Berg said his company had been announced as an approved subcontractor for a broadcast consortium awarded a contract for the U.S.-controlled Iraqi Media Network.

"Practically, this means we should be involved with quite a bit of tower work as part of the reconstruction, repair and new construction of the Iraqi Media Network," he wrote, referring to the network as "something like NPR in the U.S."

It was unclear whether the contract was revoked.

Whatever the truth one fact remains, this poor man died a horrible death. May he rest in peace, his family find comfort and to the cowards who did this - forgiveness is between you and your God, I hope you meet Him soon.

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I'm shocked people are asking for a link, but my guess is they're not aware of what happened.

I think they are asking for a link to the sorority girl shower video

simply a try at a bit of levity

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It's sad too. Iraq was actually getting world sympathy for the Prisoner Abuse scandal, but now it's like, why should we bother?

Although I agree after such an incident, one may feel less sympathetic, (or perhaps more hateful <_< ) towards the Iraqi people. However, no one deserves to have their rights as a human being violated in any way. I'm sorry, the comment just kinda struck me, and besides, it wasn't the boys in prison who took part in the execution...

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While I do not condone what has happened and give my upmost sympathies to the guys families, I will say right now that as such, out of respect for the guy and his family, no one shall post a link to it on this forum. :nono:

His sister has already conveyed to the press that no reporters are welcome at the funeral this coming Friday. I can't say as I blame her and the family. The media has gotten to big for their britches IMO and are partly to blame for all of this BS to begin with. :angry:

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I saw it yesterday. At work some of the guys d'loaded it to watch it and I walked in just before. I 've seen similar things before, but that hit me right in the gut. :(

One of my friends, one of the guys at work said. "Everyone should watch it, you won't forget. You will always remember the level of violence, you will always have that vision in your head. Just like 9-11." He's right. If I stop for just a moment it pops in my head. I don't agree with everyone watching it, but we do have to remember it. We may not be there, but it's directed at us.

He was just a guy. Trying to make a living and maybe help the Iraquis. He didn't deserve that, no one does.

One other thing, I don't know if I agree with what went on at that prison or not, but most of the guys in that prison are not Sunday School kids. They are the same as the 6 men in that video. They got caught and were being interrogated to find information on more men like them. Does the ends justify the means? I don't know, but the sooner it stops the better.

Rest in peace Nicholas Berg. My condolences to your family. :(

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