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25mm Sniper Rifle


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I heard that the Russians are working on a 30mm sniper rifle. Now, if it's not going to be a stationary weapon, I wonder who is going to operate that monster? A Bigfoot perhaps??

This is why I love the Russians so much!!! Overkill seems to be the standard.

*The 9A91 is probably smaller than an MP5, but it fires a 9x39mm rifle round.

*The UDAR is a 12.7mm revolver that can fire shotshells

*KS-23 is a 4-guage shotgun that can fire a 100+ gram antimaterial slug or a big payload of buckshot.

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Geez!! :o

Remind me not to invade Russia! :lol:

But alas, there is no way to differentiate to a noticeable degree the differences between a 20mm, 25mm, 30mm or for that matter a real .50 cal bullet/shell.

The best you could do is make a .50 cal coded like a grenade and a 20mm-25mm-30mm coded like an anti-tank round in ghost recon. You can fool around with the other settings a bit but you won't see a big difference.

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Since you can't import a model from Ghostrecon I wonder what the default projectile looks like in 3dsm.

It's six sided extruded n-gon, from what I can tell. It doesn't look like much, but you're right; it is usually fired at such velocities that you can't notice that.

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All that adrenalin, hmm both soup and stalker could use it elsewhere, especially you soup, somewhere in the desert perhaps.

Some people take pride in their work, so yeah stalker, being abit more tactful with your words would probably reduce the possibility of this kind of incident occuring.

Anyway, cheerz to all modellers out there .... keep up the good work and we can take it outside ... on some new map perhaps :D

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You need to code the hand movement to type 4 (GL) to get the rifle type of hand movement. And code the projectile to have a visual explosion of that of anti-tank. That way you will get a rifle that can kill tanks. ghostrecon just doesnt get much more specific than that. It would be better to do it that way. If you were to code it simply like a grenadelauncher type explosion then it would be underpowered.

Check out Streinger's rt-20 in the croation army mod to get my meaning. Anyway, do you have time to do it before you get shipped out?? Heck, you should be studying and practicing M.O.U.T tactics all now anyway.


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