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Norwegian forces anyone?

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Norwegians also wore the new US style desert camo-in fact from the photo's I've seen they seem to have the same "anything goes" mentality as other special forces where the best kit for the job is chosen including what looks like (navy blue/black?)civilian parkas. I can't tell if the forces shown are Marinejegerne or Fallskjermjerkommandoen or how the uniforms/equipments relates to each unit.

Callmehobbes :blink:

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That would fantastic! Will the mod be based on Arctic, woodland or desert skins. (in Afghanistan the Norwegians wore a mix of woodland clothing and desert same as old US 6 colour (choc chip) camo.) I know nothing about modding so maybe this is too complicated but how about using the woodland model as a basis and adding the US camo on several of the characters trousers/jackets. Also swapping a few heads so there are woollen caps, boonie caps, shemags baseball caps and bare heads. I have a few books on the topic (Norwegian SF only) so if I can help with any info.(ops, uniforms, equipment) let me know.

As for the names - no idea (though my own name Skuse is Scandanavian in origin but I know no more than that!)

Callmehobbes :drool::notworthy:

PS- Very excited about this!

This can't be done! It's not possible to take some files from Frostbite and manipulate them adding jackets, pounches and so on. This goes against the policy of respects among modders.

What I can do is only to create the actor files referring to the original files from FB and as I said uniforms are only 4 (2 woodlands and 2 snow).

What you are speaking about is about to create a whole Norwegian mod. It's not too difficult (if you know how to use Photoshop and have the necessary skill, I don't :wall: ) to do it: Practically you need to create 4 uniforms:

- rifleman

- support

- demolition

- sniper

with the necessary enviroment skins (woodland, desert, jungle, snow).

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YO!!!! I'm back (been out of the loop for a month+++)! I thought this thread was dead, but i found sooo many topic subscription notifications!

There is still hope for a Norwegian mod? Giwex....?

I'll help finding info/ background material needed to make this mod, i.e. names, equipment etc if anyone will step up and do the actual hard mod-work :)

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