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cool photo


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its a mountain i've seen lots of them whats so cool bout it?

Oh come on, stop for a minute and look at it!

Not bein all la di da queer about this, but it is a pretty amzing photo, it is ver clear, the sun creates the perfect shadow effect.

Not to mention the amazing mountain. New Desktop background found!

But lemme gess predator, if that picture had:

HUGE tits

an underbarrel M203

A Reflex Site

A G String

Twin 13inch Subwoofas

Racing stripes

Something in the picture was on fire

Someone being shot

An American Flag

A rear mounted 50 cal machine gun

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then it would be one BADASS wallpaper, if it had all of those things. Damn, so much testosterone I'd have to become a pirate.

:rofl: god danmed :rofl:


Inst Afghanistan a God forsaken place? the whole country is just rocks and sand, except for those large opium fields.... :lol:

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