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Here's one from my "personal" collection!


You do know you can eat those? I saw Bear Grylls chow down one on Discovery Channel. According to him, it tastes about ten times as awful as you can possibly imagine. Do remember to cut off the head first though. Those mandibles alledgedly have the strongest bite relative to size of any animal ;)


krise madsen

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.... Is that a spider?

Camel Spider dude..

1. Camel spiders top speed - appox. 10 mph. Which is very fast.

2. Size: Up to 6 inches although many of our readers report larger.

3. They have no venom.

4. They don't jump. However, many of our readers describe them leaping onto their legs, etc..

@Saint - shoot me an email? whisper.44 @ gmail dot com

Cheers :thumbsup:

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I guess the question of whether soldiers would ever blindly fire from behind cover is finally answered...

Yes...they would.

Always have, always will.

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(Retrieved from PAO Archive - cleared for public release)

Imagine clearing this building and stumbling upon this. Thankfully EOD arrived (notice the cut wires) before the ordnance was detonated.

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(Retrieved from PAO Archive - cleared for public release. Photographer: Unknown)

Apparently these were common early to mid 2000...but I've yet to see one over here in recent times...oh well, I still want one.

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