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Still military related- for the Fast Jet Fans. These were Taken at the Avalon 2003 Airshow, From Ausaviation Site.

Give over GV......it's a fact that the Australian Airforce consists of a crop duster pilot named Ted and hours of work with Adobe PhotoShop :whistle:


Yeah but we have a cropduster- Kiwi's have a kite......

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When youre in the middle of a firefight but the tree keeps telling you jokes.

Oh snap!



Two U.S. Navy F-14 Tomcats prepare to be refueled during a combat mission over Iraq, April 22, 2004. DoD photo by Staff Sgt Aaron Allmon II, U.S. Air Force.


A U.S. Army soldier from the 1st Infantry Division, Logistics Support Area Anaconda, ensures the area is clear of innocent civilians before a Tactical Air Control Party calls for an air strike, April 26, 2004. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt Aaron Allmon II)
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Yeah, just about anywhere. There actually are 2 seats in the rear that face inward. You can see one just behind the .50 and the other facing on the opposite side. X-shaped antenna - satellite commo!

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This one isn't as cool as it's just weird to see those two types of airplane together in the air....US F18s (?..not sure though, I'm an infantry grunt) and Croatian MIGs over Croatian Adriatic...ACSA 2002 event.

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I note that the last Gurkha has a maroon beret - is that the normal colour, or is he part or the Air Assualt mob?

EDIT - scrolled the screen to the right and I spot his 16AA patch on the sleeve. D'oh!

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