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British Infantry Mod *RELEASED*


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all hail the mighty chems and those that helped him!


ive only played the first mission, and i must say, it has been a while since i played a GR mod that made me make on the spot decisions. i actually got nervous about running across open ground as i assaulted an enemy position! :D

the action was unbelievable!

and that L96 ghillie and the sniper.......... :thumbsup:

great stuff guys!

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First thing's first. Excellent! You've created something that I truely enjoy. Next, I to CTD on IT based missions. Do I mind. Not at all. IMO, the Union Jack should match the camo. Unless they wear it like that for real( I don't know ). And no , I'm NOT slamming the mod, it's more of a question.Oh yeah Chems, where's the big, fancy B.I. mod post ( remember the Stan. Upgrade post? :lol: LMASROTF!) I will always grab anything with your name on it. Thank's Chem, you can be proud! :thumbsup:

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It was mirrored at my webspace, but you guys took up 4.5gb of my bandwidth in under 24 hours, so we had to lock it. FP link is http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetr...nfantry-mod.exe keep tryin. GR retreat will be puttin a mirror up with in the next few days.

that link keeps sending me to this link:


roll on the gr retreat dl


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Patch Now up download HERE

Contents of Patch:

Fixes snow Trees on M01 Caves

Fixes IT crashes.

Creates proper playing campaign.

Snow Skins in COOP

Kit Restriction for Brit weps.

NOTE Please delete EVERYTHING in your mission folder for this mod before installing patch.

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werd... tell em like it is chems...

sry but i reformated like the day after i downloaded it...

first impressions, was pretty good.... im just a gun nut .. not enough to my likeing.

Skins were good and you put the church in as a vehicle?

thats neat but collision on it was to big couldnt stand in the doorway :(

like Swat and m16armory wasnt enough :rolleyes: keep it up...

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hey now, I don't want to infringe on your sovereignty. it's just that it seems so trivial an adjustment to make, no troubleshooting or anything else but a resaving involved. again, there is no "conversion" necessary, unless opening and resaving a single texture qualifies as a "conversion." this is the offending texture (there are some other ones on the chrs that appear as solid white, like parts of the goggles, but I'm really only interested in the weapons, sue me):


but hey, it is your mod and I'm looking forward to playing it once the enfields stop looking like pink static. the real kicker is that the fault lies entirely with ubisoft for such a shoddy port to the mac. there's no reason the mac version shouldn't be able to handle all the rsb's, handle file names longer than 32 characters, or play wavs with the correct volume.

as far as releasing it in an .exe, I guess I'll never understand why that's done in the first place. I mean, all the code for an .exe takes up more room than simply compressing it would, but if your modem is up to the task.. shrug. I can get around it, although I'm probably one of the few mac GR players that has virtual pc installed just for this purpose.

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you know, it just occurred to me.. textures that aren't saved with the right alpha settings are the only things I can't work around. if you'd take care of that small problem, then I could do the rest (convert wavs to aiffs, package as a gzip) easily; that is if you want to save yourself the trouble and bandwidth. If so I can go ahead and figure out which chr textures aren't working properly as well.

on a side note, I've been playing raven shield (yes, on my mac) lately and it's amazing how crappy GR is compared to RvS engine-wise. the unreal engine is so smooth and refined.. finally ubisoft got with it and realized they can't code engines for crap. GR 2 should be just freaking amazing. plus it's nice to actually see the weapons in hand, heh.

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oh great..


I just looked deeper into the mod and realized a lot of the chr rsb filenames are longer than 32 characters. because of this, GR won't even read them, either leaving surfaces on the model blank or CTD. way to go ubisoft.

so, unfortunately to fix it you would have to change anything named British_Infantry_xxx to BI_xxx or something to cut down on the characters, but that also means rebuilding all the .chr files; something I can't do. going into them manually and changing them doesn't seem to work, they have to be built that way from the get go.

the only texture with an alpha problem is that sa80 texture. the other problems are all the british_infantry_xxx files that are longer than 32 chars. I wish I could help with that aspect but I can't. still, if you could get me that sa80 texture I could at least test it to make sure it works. otherwise the mod would run on macs, but there would be a lot of unpainted white models in game.

when you do fix the filenames I am still up for converting the sounds and packaging it for macs, but I totally understand if you want to put that part off for a while.

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It is not Ubisoft's fault as a publisher that the OS X port of Ghost Recon is a bit shoddy. i5Works ported the game (as in they were the actual programmers). If they dropped OS 9 compatibility we would most likely not be seeing this sort of thing.

Great *looking* mod so far, best of luck to you dealing with the mac crowd.

Vi Ses

Edited by S.p.i.d.e.r. [CMG]
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