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British Infantry Mod *RELEASED*


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Get it HERE 46mb dl zipped, 150mb on disk. Enjoy, and mirriors to come shortly. Hey I didnt miss my set deadline!

Patch 1.1 Download (No longer required, use Patch 1.2 only)

Patch 1.2 Download

What this mod contains:

3 new snow maps, Stronghold, Wilderness, M14 Mountain

2 New relight maps, Embassy to night and Beach to day

12 New Weapons, SA80, SA80 LSW, GPMG aka M240b, M249, M249para L96, L96 Guille, LAW, AT4, Sig Sauer P228, Sig Sauer P228 SD, Elise Anti Personal Mine

New Binos model and view

New Nightvision

3 New Vechicles, Defender 110, Defender 110 Desert, Lynx, Lynx Desert, Rigid Raider.

16 New CHRs and skins.

3 New Missions, 2 from Jack57 and 1 from Hhour

All new shell screens.

New L96 sound

New Guille CHR GR first

New Ubi and Redstorm video

New Chruch now on Farm Day map.

Full new set of Medals

Rework weather on orig RSE missions.

Re worked parts on some RSE missions.

Please read the credits in the Installer!

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too bad that

1. it's in .exe for no reason

2. the enfields' rsb's are all borked

From Snowfella:

Yup, I found out the hard way that certain .rsb's with alpha channel doesn't work on Mac's. Can't for the life of me remember who put me on the right track in fixing it but I can tell you the secret. Mac's can't handle .rsb's saved with the A1R5G5B5 option. For the Ares Shrike mod V2 I saved all .rsb's with alpha channel as A8R8G8B8 but you can also use A4R4G4B4 to save on filesize.

A 512*512 texture with alpha channel turns into a 1 meg file if saved with the A8R8G8B8 option and 521Kb with the A4R4G4B4 option.

thankfully the ghillie suit was not borked.. truly incredible.. :thumbsup:

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I just beat the first mission, and can soundly say this is the best mod I've played. The new .Chrs look amazing, the new NV and binoculars are great, and the SA80 is great fun to use. The map was great, and the mission was amazing. It had a great stealth sequence, (and I hate FPS stealth levels) followed by the best mass combat I've ever played in GR.


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Cheers Sup, makes it all worthwhile to get that much enjoyment out of the mod, was it a Jack57s mission, he is da man remember. Keep me updated on how you like the mod, and dont forget to try the old GR campaign with the new weps, and try the SA80 AG36, and the L96 with Guille, and the Snow skins which are specialist, guess you found that already.

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Your on Mac?? I havent a clue what to do for mac users, Im truly sorry, If you know anyone that can convert them etc, Id be happy to grant permission. Sorry :(

really only two things.. fix the enfield rsb's like according to the quote from snowfella, and release the mod has a zip instead of an .exe. that's it. I can get around the .exe thing because I have windows handy to do the extracting for me, but I doubt other people do.

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ty, will look into the conversion and there changes to orig missions are.

DS mission 1 is day.

M05 Embassy is at nite, and you go to the downed Lynx not blackhawk,

M11 and a few others have rain at night, something new for Gr, and also theres Farm day which has changed in view and weather. Also M14 is now full on snow. Yup think thats it.

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