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Help - Multiplayer lag with new Radeon 9600XT

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I recently installed a new Radeon 9600XT 128MB AGP card and since then have experienced a noticeable delay when starting and ending multiplayer games as host, as well as some lag during the games themselves.

I installed the Radeon in place of an NVIDIA GEFORCE 4MX, and never experienced this issue before. I'm assuming I need to tweak my video adapter settings but have no idea what would solve the issue.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.

Other Systems Specs:

P4 2.4GHz w/256MB RAM

60 GB HD

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you first need to make sure u have no residual Nvidia drivers left over ive seen this many times u cant just uninstal the Nvidia drivers u need to download a cab and driver cleaner to get rid of all the pesky fragments, its not the same as upgrading to a newer Nvidia card u changed camps, some ppl actualy format to solve this just go to www.driverheaven.net and dl driver cleaner 2 that should fix your issues

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