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For a change to arma2 , we decided to activate our ghost server again.

You`re welcome to join us on

TS3 needed ip is

Pass for ghost channel 2cold

Mods are variable , but can be downloaded here in the download section.

In the moment you need desert siege, island thunder and bloodoil.

See you there.


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Started Ghost Recon Server back up after been down for many years. IP........

CoOP Missions or Firefights

Visit US at WWW.TheMedicStation.net


Server Admin

Is this server still up? Plugged it into my server browser and got nothing. I UPnP enabled on my router/modem. I'll check the connection thread see if something not working there.

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We run a server every Weekend from around 8:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time for around 3-4 hours

Elite Co-op and Team Play

Old Server Name on Ubisoft was called = Kangaroo Killers

IP Addresses are posted on our twitter account


We also have a facebook page.


Here is the list of Maps & Mods Required

GAME = Ghost Recon PC Edtion (Released by Ubisoft in 2002)

GAME Patch = (11/11/2002)

GAME ADD-ON = Desert Siege (Released by Ubisoft)

GAME ADD-ON = Island Thunder (Released by Ubisoft)

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Deleted your other identical post about this - Please do not double post.
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Posted Image

"Ghost Recon Forever" - GR.net's Dedicated Ghost Recon Server

The "Ghost Recon Forever" server is meant as a permanent online gaming solution for the GR.net community and Ghost Recon fans in general. The server is run by / in accordance with GR.net staff and GR's godfather Rocky, and it follows GR.net rules and standards. Additional server rules may be implemented as we move along. Server administration is currently available to GR.net moderators, but may eventually be extended to other members. We are currently in a testing phase to iron out any kinks and get a general feel for what is needed / wanted. Please be patient with us as we get settled in.

Thank you, and see you on the battlefield!

The GR.net team


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Sweet, I ll probably hop on soon!

sweet! might join in soon,provided xfire works, i'll be bad at it, it's been a while :P

Nice, will soon hop in, when computer is working :thumbsup:


Hope to see you all in-game, soon! :o=

Well done and thank you Apex, Rocky and GR net :thumbsup:


Hi, this server is allowed to play in "teams"? ... if so, who can edit?

thanks for the attention.


There's still loads of things we haven't yet decided, and we will probably adjust a lot as we move along. For the moment, we think a COOP setup serves the community best, as most other servers out there already cater to TvT.

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Yeah, I hope we don't change to TvT. I'm having one heck of a time finally getting to play co-op with more than one person. laugh.gif As Apex said, there are already one or two TvT servers, so I really hope we don't go to that.

Also, we only get three or four people at a time usually, so TvT would be really lame.

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Oks, understood and recorded. I hope soon to play teams on this server.

For my part I like to play much coop mission, xd, I was 4 years without the internet and that was the only thing I played at that time. But occasionally enters play coop ...

Greetings S3R

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My clan is hosting a dedicated server. Currently hosted to be found at (Central USA location). We are running just the stock game with expansions now, but am thinking of adding Heroes Unleashed. We have the server currently open to everyone. The remote admin password is in the MOTD so that people can select game types at will. If this becomes an issue that will be removed, but we would prefer to offer it.

We have already had a ton of fun playing coop and some DM/TDM style matches. We are up for pretty much anything though. Over all we just want to have fun, the only major rule is to not act like an jerk. Hope to see you all around.

I can be found on:

xfire: lordattica

steam: atticaptp

See you on the battlefield.

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looking for a good server, i loved this game when it first came out and now i want to get back into playing it, i have it installed now GR, DSeige and updates too. Somehow i have the cover for my island thunder but nothing inside. So i guess it got lost somewhere or someone put it in their pocket at a party lol.... But i ordered a new IThunder it will be here in about 6 days.

Have tried some of these servers but ip cannot connect. I assume and hope there are still servers available for this :) thanks..

what port do i use also, or do i even need that ?

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confirmed! had a few excellent games in the Chilean server on a Tuesday night!

same goes for AOG! hope its clear enough to people which mods to grab from their webpage. gg's!

hope to see you all there!
keywords for google: original ghost recon gr ogr dedicated serverlist server servers list gameranger xfire 2014 2015 2016
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