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VRNS public server, all welcome. Listed on the All Seeing Eye.

DS/IT no mods

Server specs:

All of our systems run on either Dual 2.4ghz Xeon/Dual AMD CPUs, 1.5G DDR ECC Ram, Or P4 3.06Ghz CPU's w/Hyperthreading, 1.5G DDR ECC Ram, The game servers are run under the OS Windows 2000 Advanced Server and a custom Redhat install depending on gametype. Couple that with a Multiple OC-48 Dedicated connection and you will understand why we can honestly can say we have the fastest gaming servers out there!


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Dedicated SAR GR Server - Allways open for fun

Direct IP

Player stats and replays for indivdual games can be located on BattalionCommand, where we currently have 6 BC SAR (GR/IT/DS) servers standing by to serve YOU, aswell as a SAR basic training server for the newcommers to GR.

Soon there will be a 7th

Forum, stats, replay archieve and special TK and SAR scripts available.

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Join IP#

We play "no mods" and we have a total of 15 -=MCF=- members.

Come play @ -=MCF=- for a good time and make new friends within -=MCF=- clan. We are friendly clan and we like to play in other ded servers as well.

We are also on "ASE" as well, so u can get IP# from there too!


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New GR Server up 24/7.

IP Address is Big bandwidth. Runs 1.4 with MP1, MP2, and HX5.

No restrictions in weapons kits. Typically running CTF/Last Man/SAR/ or SEIGE.

All stats are recorded/logged/available at www.clanvsclan.com

Look for admins with a -|6FU|- tag.

Teamspeak is available, request a user/pass through clanvsclan.com.

So far big nights are Mondays and Fridays beginning around 8pm EST.

Hope to see ya's.

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if you have desert seige and island thunder thats all you need to join

what i mean by realistic server is all rifles,smgs,mgs,pistols,grenades have been modded for realism in mind, also some kits r modded (example) mp5 with grenades,ak47 with rpg (yes its a real rpg) team games the platoon soldiers r modded as well (they r rebels :shifty: ) the kit restriction file "COLD WAR" has been modded for ultra realism for use in TEAM games (NOTE: you will see other rifles in your selection but u wont be able to use them ingame, so pick one of these ive posted to customize your selection)


*team blue U.S ARMY:Rifleman M16 w/ holosight and m203 variant iron sites,,,, Demo M4A1 w/holosight,,,,,Support M249 SAW,,,,,Sniper M24,M82 50.cal

*team red,green,gold REBELS:(note the ak47,74,vz58 has an rpg kit)Rifleman AK-47,,,,AK-74 plain & w/ GP grenade launcher,,,,,VZ.58,,,,AN-94 plain & w/GP grenade launcher,,,,,,Demo Bizon russian 9mm,,,,,,Support RPK-74,,,,,PKM,,,,,degtyarev,,,,,RP46,,,,,AK-74 w/GP grenade launcher (8 grenades) Sniper SVD Dragunov



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Now open: HcE Training Center Server.

This server is open from now and it will be hosting COOP games.

Server could sometimes close for the public because we could be training, the rest of the time it will be open for public.

The server will be running MP1 and MP2. From time to time there also will be another mod active, and for more info about that check the site.

There will also be a ventrilo comms program running.

Check out this site for more information: HcE Command Center II

Game IP:

More dedicated servers will follow, that will be open 24/7 for public. So keep checking out the website for more information.


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:ph34r: Hello All! I will be hosting a Kidbu$ter Server a few nights a week. It will be listed in the Dedicated Servers room on UBI. As most of you know, you will have to join through Kidbu$ter. It's a great program still in development and it boots most of the current cheats. It will only get better if we use it.

My UBI name is Brett905 msg. me if you want to be notified when the server is running. The IP will be posted in the server name slot in UBI's Dedicated Server room as well.

There is alot of negativity out there about this program. It works. And would it really hurt to give it a try? This program really helps level the playing field. All are welcome to join.

I will be running MP1 & MP2 maybe some server side maps. It would be great to play some good clean Team Siege games for a change.

Download Kidbu$ter Here:

Kidbu$ter Download

Here is the English Kidbu$ter Forum:

Kidbu$ter Forum

Kid Buster: The Facts and the Fiction

Kidbu$ter Interview


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can anyone tell me where to get the newest alpha squad password. i've tried all fo there forum's and links but can't find it. or you could PM me with it as i'm a member of their site


:P ...go to alpha squads web site it will be under the forum section labeled server...... :whistle: ....hawk

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Attackforcez's new server IP is Every Tuesday we have a public open practice and every Friday we run Frostbite. The server is normally AFZ PUBLIC EXECUTION but on fridays the name changes to AFZ FROSTBITE FRIDAYS

Hop in and play and have some fun! We also have stats at our home page Attackforcez under Ghost Recon Server Stats in the left Site navigational menu

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