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Ghost Recon 2 for Xbox Screenshots

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Sounds to me you haven't been playing the game (GR1), the way it was meant to be played (COOP missions with a number of fine teammates, planning and executing missions)let me just say...we are detected often and lots of the reponsnses aren't "lite"....if you had played like alot of us serious COOP guys/gals have you would realize why alot of us don't want that feel changed.

Sorry i might of sounded like some noob that runs around shooting everything i see.

Ive been in a squad evnironment for 3 + years. with a fairly large team.


we were laddering in CB and tcz. we used to play Co-op etc...

I was very much involved with very skilled players. i myself ( trying not to bragg ) was probably 1 of the best in the squad for years. was in the top 3 players on TCZ for a long time.

I know all about co-operative team work, since i used to be in command of most tactics online with Ghost recon

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It's not even May yet.

This game will hit in time for Crimbo 04.

That's a long way away.

As someone has pointed out in a previous post...RSE have never let this community down.

While the XBOX variant will probably be just what the console crowd are after, I'm more than certain that what lands on our desktop PCs will be EXACTLY what we are hoping it will be. They know that they got it right with GR. When something aint broke (and sold by the truckload) you don't go looking to fix it.

GR2 will be here, and probably in 2 different flavours. Yes it looks great, and will look even better in the flesh once optimised and patched up (if necessary). But that will be Q4.

No point in spending the next 7-8 months debating about it...the wheels are already firmly in motion.

Just trust the guys and gals at RSE to do the job they have set out to do.

If come Xmas we are all disappointed, then lets meet back here and have a right good rant about it.

Meantime...I'm happy to just wait.


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But i myself do not want a big change from Ghost recon, I want it to look better to feel more immersed. Sound better cos i have 5.1 speakers. and Feel the same as the 1st GR did. I dont care if we dont have vehicles. cos i got joint operations for that now. But i would like to see a better story and missions on Single player.

But 90+ % of the time i play on servers listed on ASE anyway.

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Not that havok does a particulary good job at simulating physics,

hand grenades makes oil drums fly 15 feet.

It seems to have problems simulating heavy objects,

like human bodies and earlier mentioned oil drums.

Human bodies arent as "flacid" as havok depicts,

arms doesnt fly around just because the person is dead.

The liquids in the body makes it far more rigid,

but I wouldn't wanna be without havok, it adds to the immersion... :)

Don't be a fool. Havok can do realism, it's just only been featured in unrealistic games so far.

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I would have to say at least a year if not longer (remember that IT came out early spring 2002) and that they would have had to start shortly after that.

They don't need all of RSE to make an expansion pack. The main core of programmers and designers have likely been working on GR2 since GR1 came out.

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I'm sure it's been well more than since IT was released.

The entire RSE team worked on GR1, but since DS and IT were essentially just big mods with some minor engine tweaks, I would suspect that development for GR2 started shortly after GR1 went gold, if only on paper.

Edit: SB, you beat me to the same conclusion by mere moments. :whistle:

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As someone has pointed out in a previous post...RSE have never let this community down.

RSE watch this website with interest, so they know exactly what the hardcore fanbase is after. The question is - does the Publisher care?

Time will tell.

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I've just finished reading the scans (nice job there btw Ell :thumbsup: ) and I have to say I'm cautiously excited now, as opposed to the drunk with anticipation I was when GR2 was first officially announced.

As a guy who got original GR 2 days after it was released and played it to death (and the expansions), I was as excited as a schoolgirl when I heard the news. The flash "movie" on the offical site got me stoked, as I anticipated airstrikes against targets (but only after a painstaking process of moving quietly and efficiently into position).The lack of any screens was dissappointing, but made me even more curious.

This article has certain shot down any preconceived notions I had about GR2 being a simple updated version of GR1, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I for one loved the way the Ghosts seemed like normal GIs with the ability to do the uber-sneaky beaky work the US Green Berets are famous for. It had its faults, but was essentially a perfect game of covert warfare.

This article on GR2, however, leads me (and many others I see) to suspect that the Ghosts you lead are essentially a small cog in a large military machine. Whilst not unrealistic, it does feel slightly more Delta Force than GR (though thank God you can't drive vehicles, it would end up with folks tk-ing each other to drive the Abrams or whatever).

However, we must remember (as Super Bob and others have repeatedly said) that this is an article in an X-Box magazine, not a PC magazine. If it was, I'd be upset. Nothing against Xbox owners (I have a PS2, and have the GR for that too), but in many ways things do have to be 'dumbed down' since the controller can't do as much as fluidly as a PC owner with his/her mouse and keyboard combo.

On the plus side I do like the new and improved look for the engine, should certainly give us modders (ok, modders that release things, unlike me ;) ) something good to sink our teeth into. It would seem from the screenies that RSE have been watching documentaries on Real World military SF operators, and paying close attention to the developments in military equipment, so overall a nicer feel, although I'm not sure about the camoed Protech (if that's what it is :blink: ) on Scan 1.

So, to sum up (has it really been that long...*ahem* :whistle: ) I'm now even more curious how this is going to turn out, especially the PC version (Please RSE, release it on it's natural platform first).

Sorry for the thesis, but it's more or less how I'm feeling about this (i.e. vague, with an intense curiosity).


Edit: Rocky posted before me, and I'm going to have to agree totally with him, RSE is about the fans and the game, Ubi is about the money.

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*groan, feels sick

Instead of making better sniping etc things we want theve gone and done 3rd person, please on please let the PC version be diffrent.

Chems feels sick, rse how could you.

Nice wep models thou hey :D

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RSE has not made a game since GR1...so logically they haven't been sitting on their behinds...most likely they have been working on GR2.

I know I personally stated that RSE has not made another game since GR in another thread, but I just remembered that they did make Sum of All Fears after GR :)

As far as I know, the only games made by RSE after GR were the DS and IT expansion packs, SOAF, and GR1 and GR:IT for Xbox.

All the ports of GR and SOAF for GameCube/PS2 platforms were done at Ubi Shanghai. GRJS was done at Ubi Paris.

RSE lent Ubi Montreal a hand with Rainbow Six 3 PC/Xbox doing the story/cinematics and likely other things, but Ubi Montreal were the main dev team on R6:3. RSE did also help Ubi Paris with similar things for GRJS for PS2.

By the look of the screenshots, RSE has likely been working on GR2 for some time to get it up to this level.

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I actually want GR2 for the pc to be released AFTER the xbox version, that way the dev can spend a couple of weeks "decontaminating" it ;)

No, seriously tho' I want the ghost to be a part of something bigger, a large scale military op sounds mighty fine with me.

The new look for the ghosts are great, they look so much more like real SOF now.

What I DONT want on the other hand is to have the game changed from it's core values for the sake of the xbox, I'm willing to buy two copies of GR2 to keep that from happening...

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the use of the m16a4 and SPR bothers me though, AFAIK there isn't an sf unit that uses m16a4's due to the lack of fully auto. if they want a full length weapon they use the a3 but most of the time they use the m4. the SPR bothers me for a totally different reason, as a sniper (in game only albeit) i just like the power of a 7.62 round and the accuacy of a bolt action, IMO an SPR is a sharpshooter/spotter's weapon or for urban combat only

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Hopefully thats just for X-BOX SP....I would have to imagine we'd get the Orig. GR weapons back (except for the OICW)....ie the M24, M4, etc. I think its reached a point with these screenies that no more conclusions can be really made...hopefully alot of the questions we have now will be answered at E3 next month.

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IMO an SPR is a sharpshooter/spotter's weapon or for urban combat only

Yes, exactly, in urban combat you might need to aquire and neutralize 2-3 targets fast, a bolt sniper takes some time to rechamber.

But of course there'll be m24's for you combat purists out there :D

But I do understand what you mean with th a4 problem, I can't really see any reason to use that rifle, it's a long cumbersome version of the M4A1.

Let's just hope for wpn customisation, I want my aimpoint/m203 combo :rocky:

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Sadly, when the press release talks about the 'battlefield of tomorrow' and the 'near future', we should expect more pandering to the younger, gadget oriented crowd prevalent on the consoles.

I too would like to see more of today's battlefield being rendered and represented, but I fear that we'll see more gizmos.

The OICW will probably be back. Expect the M8 to make a showing. There'll be souped up GPS awareness and other Land Warrior stuff. In the background we'll probably see scrap-heap-destined prototypes like the Comanche and the Osprey and whatever mockup the Russians rolled out last week to pretend they actually have new technology in production (Clancy, the Cold War is OVER!!!!).

There's a sad trend in games to make it flashier, faster, newer and more up-to-date than the competition. Sadly, gameplay and the wishes of the hard core fans that were drawn to the game in the first place are given a back seat in today's dev climate.

Let's hope they just take GR1, improve the graphics, freedom and replayability; add a spicy campaign with more variety and deepr missions; good mod support; a couple of superficial gimmicks like better kit options and skins, but underneath the same great gameplay mechanics. What more could we possibly ask for?

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