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i know this may sound stupid or whatever you want to call it, :-)

but i have tried to follow the tut´s on how to make a reticle of my own,

i just can´t seem to get it to work.

the thing is that there are a lot of homemade reticles out there, and

thats good, heavy respect to them. they can at least do it. lol

but most of them are to big for me i think, cover just about all the screen.

so..... to my question.

can anyone please help me with a couple of small reticles (like the originals

car, ar etc.) think they are about 64x64 pixels?




i know this is a long shot, but im trying to learn things about GR, so that i may be

of assistance to someone else some day.

best regards/ingeloop

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thanx DVS1!

feels a bit awkward to beg like this, but since im no pro at this why

don´t ask people wo know the trade?

i do appreciate that you´re taking the time to look into this.

and yes, just the donut,chevron and dot. made small but visible.

kinda like the smooth original reticles.

thanx again/ ingeloop

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