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Any "ugly" weapons out there?

The Worm

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I know "nuts" about weapon modding, although I've DL'd a few wep mods and gone "wow!" over the quality of the weps in them. They're beautiful! :thumbsup:

Most of these mods have weapons used by spec-ops, But, out of curiosity, are there any modded weps out there that are intentionally made "ugly"? :D What I mean is (a few examples)

1) AK's with the folding buttstock, long since damaged, replaced by some piece of scrap iron, or missing altogether...

2) Weps with two magazines duct-taped together... (very common in the news)

3) MGs whose bipod looks really home-made (out of rebar etc)...

4) RPG launchers with a steel plumbing "elbow" (found in sewer-pipes) welded onto the back. The "elbow" redirects the back-blast upwards. Afghanis made these when they were fighting Soviets. Allows them to shoot upwards at helis without blasting their butts off :rofl:

5) Other home-made weps. example I've even read of a shoulder-fired AT wep (made up of steel sewer pipe) that fires tank-rounds! :o A single shot destroys both the weapon and the shooter, but, hey, he thinks 72 virgins (or whatever) are waiting for him on the other side. :blink:

For example


Or check out the amout of duct-tape/bandages on this wep


I think it would add just a touch of realism if such weps were modded and put into the hands of Tangoes. Given that weps are hard to mod, I think no such mods exist :lol:

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