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New Internet Worm Attack Imminent - Use Windows Up


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Well i saw someone just post this at another forum i visit and thought you guys would like to know

The IT pros at my workplace are telling everyone to run windows update tonight at home, lest we fall prey to the next internet worm, which is suspected to hit before this weekend:

If you have a Windows machine, you should bring up Internet Explorer, click on "Tools" and "Windows Update" and go through the process of applying all "Critical Updates". Tell the system you want to reboot and then repeat the process until there are no more critical updates.

This is VERY IMPORTANT. The next Internet worm is expected in a matter of days ... if not before the weekend at the latest. You must have a patched system BEFORE it is released.

I checked the windows update site last week and i didnt have any critical updates , i check it today and i have 5

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