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Not me, GR is my first clancy game. Me and Chems share exactly same taste in games, I got Star Wars Episode one on PC, then Chems got it, then it was Deus Ex, then GR, then JK2, theh back to GR, then JK3, then back to GR again...

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I dont get it. :huh:

It's a computer game.

It was fun at the time and preceded most of the games we all love and play today.

It was the perfect intro to FPS online multiplay.

So what makes it so bad?

Sure - it stinks these days, and is just a dumping ground for cheating noobs...but it had it's time, and was great fun.

I'll not hear another bad word against it!

I mean - we can all be self-righteous - bear in mind a recent issue of PC Gamer gave GR a frankly funny 67% when reviewing it as a £9.99 budget release - hailing it as the biggest pile of dung they had played that month. My point is - let's be objective. We all love GR - sure...but there's gotta be room for CS in there too!!

So there.



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