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Ubisoft's New Historical Shooter!


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I must comment that most of the games krp 56 mentioned that gearbox has done ....hasn't really been done by gearbox.

Obvisously halo for one has not been done by gearbox...that was of course done by bungie.

What most of those games by gearbox are probably ports they were hired to do from console to pc or vice versa.

Brothers in arms is the first title I've seen that they actually created. And that engine looks like next gen/modern stuff. Real real cool.

...........oh boy.......think for a moment...........

What would GHOST RECON 2 look like with a brand new graphics engine...huh....HUH?


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Man, you guys might have hurt Jack57. Now that you mentioned royalties, the game will probably revert back to Baker's Dozen as a working title. :whistle: Let's hope not. Anyway, I've gotta say I'm interested in this one. I've seen alot of WW2 games, but I've yet to stumble across a good squad based one. Mostly just solo run and gun. BUT!!! Credit where it's due. WOI has filled in nicely so far. But a new game built from the ground up with a fresh approach sounds good. Let's see what they crank out. :o=

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WEEEE this game sounds sweet been waiting for something to catch my intrest, sick of all the capture the flag types thats been in almost evey game lately, i did find a write up in IGN where they were turned on to a demo this 3 page write up has some good info about the game but not all the info i would like.

so grab a cup a joe and read it man im just sooooo excited hehe :rofl:


please OOOHH please Brothers in Arms just dont make the same thing out there allready we are so sick of it need something to get me as close as i can without putting on the boots..

SALUTE <*)))={

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Ubi's E3 stand;


Being a big WWII history buff, this obviously appeals to me. I'm a huge CoD fan [more about their news later ;)], and this looks great. Published by UbiSoft, Brothers in Arms is out Q4 on XBox and PC. It's a new genre for the French publisher and, all being well will be one of their biggest releases this year [cough] besides GR2 on 'PC' of course![cough/]

BiA [<-----this abbreviation 'now' copyright of DS ;) ], allows you to zoom out from the action to a paused tactical view of your squads surrounding area. Then in FP view, by holding the trigger, you can direct squads to attack or defend.

All locations in France have been recreated from original footage and eyewitness accounts.

The press have hyped it as one of the best WWII FPS's ever and it's been endorsed by The Patton Museum [Fort Knox and 'all things tank'], The National D-Day Museum, Veterans of Foreign Wars [The equivalent of the Royal British Legion], and the National WWII museum in Washington DC.

Gearbox, the developer's goal, is to cause players to experience the emotion of war, along with the action. Whilst many players may remain emotionally detached from from the horrors of war, the lack of such maturity, game critics believe, prevent games from being recognised as a recognised art form.


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