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Omega's first mod


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;) Goodday gentlemen,

I'm proud to present to u Omega Operations first modification.

It will include:

1 new map (+ 2 newly released little things u never saw in a gr map before....)

several new camos

1 or multiple new missions

So check out this post in the near future (1-3weeks) for the release of the mod.

As we only need to :

- wait for the missions

- scramble the whole bunch together

- seriously beta-test the whole bunch again

- polish the final product

Here is some candy for you guys to feast on






Dont forget to check out our great page too :thumbsup:

at : http://users.pandora.be/Omega-Operations/

I hope u will like our first attempt :P


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They are real stupid rsi, dont expect too much of em :P , but they r indeed brand new, one is a modified plane (but used as never seen b4 ;) ) and the other one is a way of looking and using the playfield....... lol

oh yeah san, i checked out your website, and i noticed u had a problem with roads too........i figured out a real fast and very neat way to do them!!!! and error and texture easy !!!

How to make a road ....

1- make a plane (long tall rectangle)

2- apply bends to it, so bend it in the way u want it to 'lay' on your ground, move vertices or whatever u want , but be sure its the definate shape u want it too, u can rotate and stuff, move, but bend is the smoothest way

3- Texture it the way its ment to be !!! u cannot alter this ones its attached to the playing ground......

4- elevate it ABOVE your playing ground, see that it is above ALL the way, because otherwise u get a 'Node texture error ' thats really annoying and the road starts flickering !!!!! (took me quite some time to figure out, so dont use the snap function here!!)

5- go to compound > conform compound object (with your road selected)

6- pick wrap to object and select your 'floor' polygon (it might tbe easier if u select just the polygons needed for the road and detach them (that makes it faster for max too))

7- now u got an attached road to your floorpolygons u selected!!!

(u can always clone your road B4 u compound it......saves u work when u wanna change he texture or found another thing u want to change)

It's easy and u can use any texture u want, so u dont have to worry about a 'strange' looking road again, but if u place the road on hills that have a rotation in an axis, u must use either a plane with a LOT of width and length segments so max can wrap it more precise on the floor, or u got to manually 'drag' vertices upwards............... so my advice is to only use this method on flat floors or evenly elevated rocky stuff (like the slope on a bridge), not on mountains that rotates on more than 1axis (z and x for example).............but than again u wont find a road their either in real life :rofl:



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Mordred, I noticed something: the fog and environment-setting suggest a creepy, dark and cloudy scene...but strangly, above the thick, grey groundfog there's suddenly a blue sky with white clouds. It doesn't really fit together well.

Maybe you should change your skybox-texture to match the groundfog?

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Stock i think, because i dont have any time to figure out one, and make it.......theres a baby on the way within the next 20days!!! :D

so count in another gr player in a few years lol ;)

LOL...nice man...congrats! :thumbsup:

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Tighten up the tiling on that cliff face! It looks a bit stretched.

What version of max you using? Your detail texture for the ground doesn't look right either. It's either not tiled enough on map channel 2 or you're using the old plugins.

I apologize for sounding harsh here. I just know you can make it look better! <_<

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map channel 2??

I use max5..........ill look into it when i find time...............

The stretched thing on the cliffs is strange yes, on the clifss next to it it looks alright, but there it stretches, i dont have a clue........it looks like max divides my whole cliff area into 2 different pieces when he textures it..........1 is textured as i want and another is this stretched........

The ground is just tiled............

-Mordred- Proud dad of Kobe

i use the IT cd plugins.......................

Edited by mordred
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