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Another Combatech Mod


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I'm a hopeless addict. Since I went out into the big wide world after Taskforce Thresher I've been taking in the sights and chugging along with a new mod, and I know as some of you will remember I said that Taskforce Thresher was the last in the Armored Core series and yes it is but then I got bored and started work on a new mod and to keep my word it isn't an Armored Core mod it is the first in my new series: Battle Vision.

This mod is still in progress and at the rate I'm working it'll be about another 6 weeks before it looks at all respectable but I'm working hard on it. As things are going I have a 14+ mission Campaign in mind with new skins for both the player and the enemy, a few retextured maps (curse my lack of 3dsm) and including IT kits into the line up so 'yes' you will need IT and DS to play it.

The mod is based on the US Army's 1st Infantry Division in the Campaign against the Russian Ultra Nationalist Regime in 2008. Russian Para's, Ultra-Nationalist Arctic troops and lots of tank camo varients are included.

Unfortunately the problem with being a modder on a high spec system is you tend to make some very demanding mods so I am attempting to tone down the sheer size of the missions to make them more playable by you the GR player.

Anyway wish me luck and some time (hopefully before GR2) you will see Combatech's 1st Infantry Division mod in the latest mods listings.

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