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Riot in Belgrade 2


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My tribute to WH Bender's original Riot in Belgrade.

Coming into the embassy under heavy fire. This will be a live action insertion. You will fight your way in, firing from the heli, and being fired upon.





Once upon the roof of the embassy, try and keep the rioters from storming the embassy, while Nightstalkers circle above providing air support....



And you will get to choose, whether to tough it out on the ground...



Or go airborne and provide the air cover yourself.... :yes:



Can you feel it? I'm back...... ;)

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Have you no mercy on our poor depraved GR souls??  :D

Sorry. :wacko:

The timing all depends on what I do. If I release this together with Resident Evil as part of the Mayhem mod, then I need to finish some other things. If I release it by itself, then it will be much sooner.

Plus, I will not release it until it's a real winner. Mods today are really top notch, the skill level and quality of modders has come along way since GANGLAND.

Lot's of competition out there, and I wouldn't want to dissapoint anyone.

But I promise, in true MONOLITH Style, Riot 2 will be a real blast. :yes:

By the way, A big hello to Rocky. It's been awhile old friend. The site looks good. Hope all is well.

Cheers all.

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Shoot I was about to ask if I could use the original Riot in Belgrade scripting to release a new version of it. lol. It wouldn't have been for me it would've been an experimental mod cuz it'd be a mod coming from a Mac without IGOR or anything I'd just do all the scripting straight into the file. Which means the mission would've been the same just I figured add in more guys and randomize the weapons more and make it a desert mission. Also i figured i could add in RPG's n' stuff it'd be pretty cool.

SCRAP that i'll just wait to play the new Riot in Belgrade... good stuff that means less for me to do.

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Hey Mono, to be true Nightstalkers they Require a AH-6 Littlebird. Which is all ready availble for download here and the thread here

With out that its not gonna be the real Night Stalkers, and remeber NSDQ.



No thread hijack intended honest.

Nice to see you back around, remeber me from the platoon? That stinking hive of scum and villany, you need to watch yourself there.


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