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Helicopter wont follow path properly

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:stupid: yes i know the helicopter is the most retarded thing in GR but why the :o wont it follow the path i told it to follow on the embassy map i havent tryed it on any other map but im trying to get theb lackhawk ah6 mh6 or any chopper to go on the path it goes straight off the map and doesent even look like it trys to turn
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well choppers are hard to deal with, but i managed to make it stop and land pretty well even at a speed at 12 m/s, any higher and it acted pretty strange, what i did was to make a straight path just beside and before the land zone, then make a single path at the land zone and hight at 0 meters, though sometime it would bounce up again and disapear somewhere :D

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yeah it disappears too! and it bounces all the way from the bank to the dam embassy or disappears through a building and disapears when it comes out jesus this is annoying anyone know how to fix this?

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You're not gonna like my suggestion but...

Try your heli plan on a different map first, a big, outdoor, flat map like DP0??_Wilderness.

Embassy is a map where each street and alleyway is a different room, and the "roofs" and interiors of most of the buildings are "non-rooms".

And oh, btw, helis can't turn. Make the path dead straight.

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I asked this question a while back, Jack57 gave me some advice. Although I read it carefully, that mission is no longer on my hard drive. Helicopters are retarded, and the only thing I can say is to look at the stock missions (island thunder) and see how they did it.

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Ok just to clear things up, helis can make curved paths, but stray from the path if the angle of turn at each path point is too big, say, more than 10 degrees. :wall:

I once made a heli fly a complete circle repeatedly, but IIRC I needed almost 30 path points to make the overall path as smooth as posssible.

Anyway, even a simple heli plan may need many hours of tweaking to get it right. :lol:

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Argh dam it anyone want the template mission? ill send them that and tell them to make me a dam helicopter path i might just get it to hover in one dam place if it means it will do what i want it to do BTW template mission might crash sense im not sure if i got my mod uploaded to a site for ya dont worry its zipped and has a low file size.. and is just because i need the little bird of chems and the UN to use the standard upgrade support weapons and thats pretty much it...

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I'm not saying you can't use a helicopter on the Embassy map - clearly you can - but I recall having a lot more more trouble than you normally do. This seems to bear out with most city maps :(

Particularly if you are just learning the ropes in regard to the helicopter, I would try and stick to open maps :yes:

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I needed almost 30 path points to make the overall path as smooth as posssible.

Anyway, even a simple heli plan may need many hours of tweaking to get it right. :lol:

In my Riot in Belgrade mission, I have two helis circling the embassy area in a near perfect circle.

The trick is to absolutely minimize the number of points on the path.

Looking at the stock GR missions from IT will clearly demonstrate this.

When the chopper tries to turn, it takes a very wide radius, compounded by the speed.

The way I achieved the circling choppers in Riot 2 is to have only 2 points. One is the "Start point" which is an effect point. The other is a path plan, with only one point on it.

The "Plan" consists of Speed, then path (one point only).

If you begin the chopper with it's front orientation 90 degrees off of the direction you want it to head, upon starting it will begin it's radius turn towards that second (and only other) path point. If you select "looping", the chopper will continue this arc 360 degrees continuous, attempting to hit the two points.

Adding any additional points, like the 30 mentioned above, will only add to confusion and erratic behavior.

The golden rule with IGOR, always has been, and still is, the simpler the better. The more information and commands you try to impose on any scripted entity only add to it's struggle to follow the overload of conflicting information.

Keep it simple.

Here's a pic of my Heli plan.


The tank shape is the heli on the ground, and the star shape below it is the "effect point". You must have this, and use the 'teleport object' script line, to start the heli at the right elevation.

Notice the plan for the heli only has the speed and path. The path is highlighted on the map, notice it has only one point, That's it. The heli will circle from the start point effect, to the one path point, and back.

If you guys have any questions on exactly how to script this from start up to proper flight, I'll be happy to help.

Edited by MONOLITH
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grrrr ok taht stuff all works but it still goes through the freakin' building and wont turn around to go on the correct patch ive tried all of you peoples plans and stuff and it still goes through the dam building and wont stop or loop where its supposed tooooo this retarded airplane is pissin me off

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Relax. Slow down.

You have to learn to compromise with the chopper.

You want a specific action, but you must realize the chopper will only behave in a particular fashion. So you must adjust you goals to meet what the chopper can do.

Even RSE only has the chopper moving in a straight line in all the IT missions.

I have the choppers circling because I gave it only two points, and they are closer together than it's turning radius.

Your heli is going thru the building because it has a minimum turning radius. It absolutely cannot turn a 90 corner like a truck on the street. It turns in a wide arc, and most likely the only option for you is to raise the heli's elevation higher, so it turns over the top of the building. That's what I did, and I'll be back in a minute with a few screenies to show you something.

Even if you set up a path with right angles, like a square, the heli is still going to turn those corners in a wide arc.

It is possible to slow the heli to a stop, script in a change of orientation so that it hovers while turning 90 degrees, then resumes forward motion, but that's another lesson. ;)

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inuyasha,Apr 12 2004, 17:51 ] it still goes through the dam building and wont stop or loop where its supposed tooooo this retarded airplane is pissin me off

If you want to, you can email me your .mis file.

Tell me what you want the heli to do, and I'll fix it for you.

My email is TR_MONOLITH@msn.com

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Ok, here's those screenies.

Now, remember the IGOR screen above, and where I placed the "Start point effect".

Here's the chopper upon start up, right on the spot. Notice however, like I said, I have it orientated facing 90 degrees away from where I placed my path point.


This begins the chopper trying to turn itself to face the path point, while moving. In this next pic, you'll see just how wide of an arc the chopper has to take. It goes clear back past the canal behind the Embassy...


In the next pic....Even though my path point is inside the embassy courtyard, the chopper simply cannot turn that tight, and swings way out over the next building. It would disappear right into that building, like yours does, but I purposely set the elevation to clear the building (remember ...the 'compromise' part).


The arc continues out over the hotel.....


And next, notice how the nose of the heli is pointed back at my start point, causing the heli to actually fly slightly sideways. It's trying to head itself to the start point, but the inertia of the arc keeps it out in a circle path.


Then it gets back to the start point, and does it all again.Creating that sideways motion can be used to simulate some very cool combat flying.

Going back to the IGOR screen I posted..notice how much I was able to get by just posting one simple start point, and only one path point.

It's all about where you put them vs. the speed (inertia) vs. the elevation. Playing around with those 3 will get you whatever effect you want.

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OMG Thank you Monolith you un-retarded the helicopter all hail king Monolith ! it circles the embassy exactly like the screenies :D except im using the Ah6 w00t. You will defenintely get your names in the credits thnx all


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