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Community Expansion Pack

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I'm putting out an All Callsigns call here on behalf of the Community Expansion Pack (CEP) team as we are looking for more skins!! We've already got some great contributions from talent like Bajabravo and Aus_Viper but we need more skins. So if you have a nationality or branch of service skin you'd like to see in the CEP please do not hesitate. We'd like as many as possible so that players can select a nationality or mix from a specially designed launcher... so if you've got skins already made (in a mod or not) we'd like to use them!

For more information of the CEP, check out this link below:

CEP Main Topic Thread

We need your help and talents!

For more information please do not hesitate to contact me or Stalker_Zero.



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The enemies are least thought of when wanting to add skins to a mod. At least that is how I see it.

I think stigs skins are cool and should be a fine contribution for enemy skins for the comm mod. Maraudermike? I gonna send these to TEC Leader as soon as I get a chance. Maruadermike? who should be in charge of skin modding? I mean your in charge of skin collecting. That will work itself out.

In meantime more people donate? Whatever your creations are. We need enemy skins and friendlies.

Plus maraudermike dont forget bajabravo's ready made skin packs.

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