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I'll take a 9700 Pro as well for my guess that between 2:00 and 3:00 AM ET will be the magic moment of the 1000th member joining.

Negative, between 0:00 and 1:30 And I think we should all SPAM Private Message the 1000th member and say "Welcome to GR.net! You are the 1000th Member of these Great Forums!" ;)

Edit: 1000 members at 11:52 CST! Congratulations Ghostrecon.net, our total registered member count is now 1000 members!!

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Yeh so you did, pity it's in the wrong forum. Hence the reason I never saw it :P

wrong forum + Rocky never seeing it = Rocky's not visiting all the forums! Man, how can you run a website like that?!?


disclaimer: this was meant to be humorous (dangit, look at that -- I have been around 'that Scot' too much: I spelled it the Brit way! I'm leaving it like that for posterity, though -- that couldn't have been a 'regular' typo...)

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