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Argyll is leavin us guys

F'n New Guy

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you mean like my wife?

Them things are without a doubt the most dangerous things you can come across! *looks over shoulder hoping his wife won't se ehim typing this!*

And if its an infidel skin reccon just remember to keep your head up and camera on the ready at all times ;)

Stay safe mate! :thumbsup:

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Man this is crazy. Agryll arrives and gets attacked from the start. I guess i'm feeling a mixture of apprehension and hope, what with all that's been going on, I sure hope him the best. Agryll and I had a run in a long time ago, nothing serious but now I sure wish I'd cleared it up. Return safe Agryll!

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Next time anyone talks to CK let him know that everyone over in Iraq no matter what their duties is a true hero. Anyone who fights for freedom and defends the freedom of others is a true hero. No matter what job they do over there it is one step closer to a free Iraq. Let him know that we are proud of the job he and the others are doing. Wish him the best of luck and tell him that the members at GR.net hope to speak with him ASAP.

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