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Argyll is leavin us guys

F'n New Guy

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lets all pray for him now,

and make a list of the things we want him to bring back with for us.

me personally would like one of those small ak's,

i forget what theyre called, they look like the carbine version

kinda like how the m4 is to the 16.

j/k kiddin bro :P , wish i could go with ya :whistle:

try and take some pics when youre over there

of some SF guys :whistle: hint hint :whistle:

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Thanks guys,

If it were not for this community I'd have led a pretty dull life in the past few years.

I have met some top blokes over the years........way too many to mention,but it comes from the heart when I say you guys and gals are the best.

Think of it as a infield skin recconoitre!! ;)

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