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GR starts 2 icon in taskbar


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for a long time, whenever I start GR, I am getting 2 icons in the taskbar. If I try to delete either one of them, the game stops. Seems the icon on the left is the real one, while the icon on right is a shadow.

I tried removing/reinstalling the game and it still does that. I compared my registry with a friend, and we have the same entries. no doublecounts there...

On the other hand, I can play the game fine, it's just weird and I wonder if it has an impact. I sometime crash during multiplayer game, but it looks like it is related to specific mission on a few mods (like mission 2 in Frostbite, the one with the boat...).

Here are my specs:

Athlon 2000+

ECS k7S5a

1x 512meg of pc2700

Windows XP Pro

Geforce 4 MX 420 PCI


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