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Just learning, need help with code locations

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I'm just starting out, trying to tweak some mods and/or original GR values. Some questions, if you experienced guys could help me out, plz:

If you want to make the enemies physically tougher (not better shooting), where you do change this?

When I use IGOR to change the combat model physics, and save it, why does it auto revert back to default?

Where do you find the variables for the enemies shooting ability? How do I make them shoot better or worse, change the .gun file for their weapons?

Do I need to change each mission file that I want these changes to affect? If I alter the equip folder, is that all inclusive, or do I need to make more changes per mission?

Thanks a million! :D

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okay- to make the enemies tougher or weaker you unfortunatly will have to go into their .atr files and change them INDIVIDUALLY and thee are quite a few of them...

however if you want to make them less accurate you can go into the origmiss/equip/ folders and edit the russian .gun files. (ak 47, ak 74, groza, SVD, RPK, etc.) add a few points to their recoil value, add a few FRACTIONS of a second to their response times ( ex, .20 becomes .24) no need to go hog wild on this as you can also change their "accuracy" ratings or pip values for a similiar but more balanced effect. note this does not change the accuracy of the gun per se, it merely dictates where the muzzle will be as expressed in pips. add 3-5 points to every value and the enemies will be markedly less accurate.

you may also go into your effects.xml (or is it sounds.xml??) file in notepad and change values for the sounds to represent this-

sniper and support rifles= 400 meters

assault rifles and explosions= 300

pistols and subguns=250

suppressed pistols= 7 meters

suppressed rifles= 12 meters

this is consistant with not the ability to hear the sounds, but the mind of teh enemy assigning priority to the nearest sounds for a more reslistic effect. ps values for suppressed weapons are from the DOD "evaluation design and usage of suppressed weapons" manual this way the enemy cannot hear you as far or as well with suppressed weapons

personally, I avoid IGOR whenever possible to do tweaks because it never seems to save my adjustments regularly

I also personally avoid screwing with the combatmodel.xml because the values set in that file are not arbitrary, they are consistant with the algebraic formulae involved in the bullet performances. the fact is the russian guns offer seriously more hitting and damaging power in real life, and adjusting vaules set in this file will help both enemies and yourself.

to save changes in a combat modelxml file you will nee dto go to the modsfile/mods tab in the upper right and create your own mod- I then suggest you go into your redstrom/gr/mods/"your mod" folder and copy the xml file from the /origmiss folder, then alter your values. I suggest copying every file you want to adjust to your "yourmod" folder first as well, so you can avoid the risk of overwriting them. simply copy, and then while you are at it, right click-properties and de-select "read-only" so you can in fact adjust them.

from that point on EVERY TIME you use IGOR, go into the file/mods tab and select YOUR MOD to be the default mod. this way changes should be made to YOUR files.

finally a note- I mean no insult to anyone's playing ability, the designer's interface or anything like that, (everyone hates that olympic shot!)

but the fact of the matter is the odds are stacked !against! the enemy in terms of health, weapons performance. the enemies are slower to shoot, less accurate, suffer from terminally weaker hit point values and are generally not realistic- their weapons though it may sound unamerican to say this- do not hit as strongly in comparison to the inflated american weapon values as they would in real life. I understand making them more realistic would take a tough game and make it much harder (especially those damned tank-walking missions) but I've suggested a few ways I know of to tweak the game to add funability without sacrificing too much challenge.

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Instead of doing atr files individually, you can do them altogether if you want to. Use BKreplacem to edit all the files in one folder. I use it a lot, its really handy and fairly straighforward. Here's a link to it: BK ReplaceEm Hope it helps you out with coding guns, kits, atr's, and whatever else. :thumbsup:

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