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Major problem with HP a300y


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We have a HP Pavilion a300y still under warranty. The problem we have is that when we turn on the computer, basically nothing happens. We do get a green light on the back indicating that we are getting power, but the fan does not come on and the computer won't boot up. It almost seems like there might be a problem during the boot sequence with one of the ROM drives. The top drive has a green light that comes on and we can open the drive but the drive below it will not open and has no light that comes on during the boot process. Could the ROM drive be our problem, or the power supply, or some other problem? Usually when the computer powers up, the button you push to turn on the computer lights up. This is not lighting up and there is a small yellow non-blinking light below the power button that is on. We tried unplugging the power cord and holding the power button for 60 seconds and then plugging back in and trying to turn on to no avail. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! :wall:

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