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joint ops mp demo today !!!!


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One important thing to bear in mind folks is that to mod the Joint Ops Demo you must also own DF:Black Hawk Down as you need to use the Mission/Map Editor that comes with it and this cannot legally be downloaded or obtained separately.

So if you want to mod the Demo you need to buy DF:BHD... but hey it's a great game too so if you can find it in the discount section then go for it.

Of course when the retail version of Joint Ops is released it will include a full and specific Mission/Map Editor for JO.

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Thanks guys, I have also scoured the JO community and the net for this info with no luck so far.

/d - Read resources form directory instead of pff. --

/r - Record demo (single player only) --

/p filename - Playback demo. --

/l - Turn on error log. --

/s - Turn on save scores mode. --

/vt - record tgas of playback. --

/sys - Get system information. --

/? - Show this list. --

/VIDTEST = test the videocard settings


















/shadowmap START _PUNT.TXT












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Yes - As Pave has already said You need to have either a BHD:Team Sabre or standalone BHD Installtion ( Thats what I have and It worked for Me ).

This is so that You can copy and paste over to a Directory within the Mod Tools - The following Files from the Fully Registered and Bought Version of this Title. They are ;

> localres.pff

> resource.pff

> med.pff

If You check the Size of thes Files above - You'll understand why I and other Install creators have said that a BHD:TS or BHD Installation is needed in order to Use these Tools.


That said - I have finsihed creating the Install of the Tools making sure to give Proper Credit to the Authors along with Instructions on the Tools' Installation and their Use.

I just need a Team Member of Mine to check the Install for Me tommorrow and then I'll have the link up for DL. Sorry about being a bit late on this...


Sincerely and Respectfully,

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