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joint ops mp demo today !!!!


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Not yet but there will be 30+ maps in JO so thats a good start. Modding JO would be awesome.

Rgr that Sync. I'll look for u. Searching for player name is very good add-on :thumbsup:

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so has anyone heard if you can make maps for this game ????????? :unsure:

There was a Modding Kit released for B.H.D. I think. That said - I hope that they will release the same for J.O.


That Patch is simply Smoking. We had a Blast last Night especially with the Chinook. We actually got a HumVee into It and managed to take off. Once We did I got into the HumVee and got on the .50.

Man let Me tell You them spent shells getting caught in the Air Turbulence of the Interior fuselage and then wafting out the back over the ramp and into the ether is a sweet effect for sure.

The Sniper Body Model and Skin simply Owns as well. That said - We'll be J.O.'ing tonight as well...



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ever since ive patched the demo up, its been running a lot better

There's a patch for the demo :unsure:

Pray tell, where does one partake of said delectable item?

translation: where the *@#$ do ya get it?! :yes:


EDIT: Scratch that! 'Tis 'ere Patch ;)

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Still got some interesting quirks and buggy elements...but they are over-ridden by the wealth of opportunities that are available here, in terms of using this engine as a real joint-operations simulator (kinda well named then, eh?) assuming the server is locked and all players are rostered and playing to a basic set of rules.

They fact that you can have bots man the bases and patorl choppers and boats, makes team play a real possibility. With a decent level of interest here, we could easily organise a GRNET team ladder - to get started with - with 3 or 4 teams playing each other regularly. I'm sure this would grow as the external community sprung up.

Even enough to put together 2 teams - perhaps 10-12 players + some bots each to make a 20v20 game would be a great pastime for a few months until tings started to pick up.

I'm ordering this asap.

Anyone have an exact release date?

Anyway - would be nice to gauge interest in this game - as if it is reasonable, would be good to get something organised in terms of some sensible, organised team play.

PM me if you intend to buy this on/around release date.

I'll tally up the numbers.


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We played this last night at our LAN meet and I have to say it was a lot of fun. There were only about a dozen playing, which is not nearly enough for the large demo map, especially as there was no organised teamplay at all. The minigun equipped Littlebirds would have to one of the highlights, although you can even drive a light armoured vehicles into the rear of the large transport chopper and fly it to another island. It's really just Blackhawk Down with a lot of extra player-usable vehicles which certainly take it to another level. Realism may not be high but the fun factor is.

Jack :rocky:

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Once again, I'm going with Jack on this one. It is fun. Played it on a 100 man server ( :blink::blink::wacko: ) last night. My average ping was 24 (UK-based server).

It was just absolutely fantastic, as there was no time limit at all, just capture all 4 of the bases. The server had the day/night cycle going as well, so we went from night to this:

Then to this:

Had a really cool time, attacking out of the sun in Blackhawks and Littlebirds to try and take the rebel's Bravo Camp. The 2nd picture shows the start of offensive push number 4 (well, 4 since I'd joined the server an hour before). It was great, with people doing fire and manoeuvre tactics up the hill, trying to take down snipers and rebel gunships. Bravo was still being fought over when I left (it changed hands 6 times when I was on the server, as did Joint Op's Charlie Camp).

Plans were being hastily concocted and put into action every time people spawned after another failed assault or costly defence. Great stuff all round. Not quite GR's level of tactical gameplay, but for sheer fun value it's great.

Anyway, that's enough of my (Somewhat crappy) war stories...I'll let you decide for yourselves.


Edit - Removed images, needed space for others.

Edited by tmichc
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Played on a couple of UK servers last night and had a lot of fun doing so. Some of the aspects of this game are a bit week, but on the whole, with the right players this game has a lot of potential.

It's amazing how much tension there is sitting in the rear of the transport flying to the other island, and hoping you don't get shot down (or the pilot won't hit a tree as he tries to land while still going about 80 mph :o )

It is a lot of fun tho, and is a "Possible" as a purchase in the near future :)

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so has anyone heard if you can make maps for this game????????? :unsure:

making maps! ahahaha, asuming its like Delta force, then anybody can make a map, host it, then anybody can join, thats one of the kool things about DF. I hope JO is like that.

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Anyone know were the day to night cycle option is?

We played today for 90 min and never saw it switch to night. :unsure:

walk up to a shadow and stare, it will slowly legthen or shorten, I think it takes 1-2 hrs.

Cooooooool. Will do, thanks. :thumbsup:

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Well - I'm gonna get Flamed by some Peeps and probably even some of My own Team Mates for this but I have to say It.

I was doing a few things tonight before going into Work and I thought OK - I have 20 Minutes to try out a few Manoevers in "J.O." with the Little Bird and the UH-60 before I have to go in.

That said - I start up My Copy of "J.O." / Join NovaWorld / Host My own Server with Password and the Game begins to Load.

I Load in about 2 Minutes and I get on My own Server.

I'm Thinking ;

"OK - How long would it take for Me to get from the Insert Area to the Chopper Base / Fire up the Engines / Get a Crew Complement Onboard / Dustoff / Travel to Objective / Land and Insert a Covert OPs Team / Dustoff / Return to Base / Land and get ready for another Trip."

I ran My Butt off and got into the Hummer and began driving to the Base. I got out of the Hummer and I got into the UH-60 to fire up the Engines. She roared to life and as I waited for the Engines to come up to Speed I counted the Seconds off.

So far - 35 Seconds at this Point...

Lift was established at approx. 50 Seconds and I waited another 10 Seconds for the supposed Boarding of a Full Crew Complement.

60 Seconds so far...

We were now ready to Dustoff and begin the Trip to Our Enemy's Island. Transit to the Island took about a Minute and I came in the far left side around the back on the Sandbar off shore. We Landed in 20 Seconds and would have had a 4 Man Team on the Ground in another 10 Seconds.

2 Minutes 20 Seconds so far...

We Dusted Off and began the Return trip to Our Base Island. I kept it low and on the Deck at about 6 to 8 feet off of the Water and We made it back to Our Base approx. 1 Minute after Dusting Off from the Enemy Island.

3 Minutes 20 Seconds so far...

It took Me about 40 Seconds to get Situated for a Good Landing and then I set Her down for another Load.

All in All - 4 Minutes...

4 Minutes to get Onboard / Get the Bird warmed up / Transit to an Objective and then Return. Pretty Flippin' Good I thought and very fun doing It. It can also be added that as We traveled to the OB - Enemy AI in GunBoats, Crew Served Gun Emplacements, and Their own Choppers attempted to Task and Destroy Us. They were obviously Unsuccessful but I had to do some Slick Flyin' in order to get Us there in 1 Piece.

This got Me thinking further ;


I should take an AH-6 Little Bird with the Side Mounted Rocket Launchers and see if I can do a Straffing Run on the Enemy Island and take out the Birds They'll use as Troop Transports."

I ran over to the AH-6 and began to warm Her up as well. She roared to life and as I got Lift I Raised the Bird up to about 20 Meters and then Pitched forward out over the Beach and then towards the Island. Again I kept it low and on the Deck making sure to go no higher than 10 meters off of the water until such time as I got close to the Enemy Island.

When I got on the Collective and Raised up over the Enemy Camp as I was coming in - I Pitched and dropped Altitude in an Effort to come in on a Direct run at the Enemy Hind sitting there and warming Herself up. I brought the Bird's Targeting Mark on the Bubble into Line with the Hind and so I let a Rocket go.

Smoke Trails off of the Left Side Launcher and It tracks to Target...




BOOM - Say Goodbye to Your Hind and All The Men You had in It.

Now I'm in a World of Crap as the Enemy begins to Track Me with their Crew Served Gun Emplacements. I lessen Collective and Dip down over the Palms at the far end of the Camp and It takes Me until I'm out over the Bay to lose the Incoming directed at Me.

I bank left and Pivot Mid Air coming right back at the Same Base I'd just Straffed. As I'm coming in one of the .50 Nests is tracking Me pretty closely and He's getting closer. I get the Target over top of the Nest and Its ;


I Continued to Strafe the Island Flying like a Madman until I was out of Rockets. I then returned to Base and left the Game. The Strafing run took about 8 Minutes and It was a very Successful Mission as well.

That stated - This can be a real Blast if Treated like Our Community treats "G.R.".

Also one question to anyone Who can answer. What is the Screenshot Key in "J.O." and Where would the Screenshot be found if one was taken ? ? ?

I gotta get some of These Visions I'm seeing up on the Net so You Peeps can see how Smokin' It looks on My PC.


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Also one question to anyone Who can answer. What is the Screenshot Key in "J.O." and Where would the Screenshot be found if one was taken ? ? ?

F11 I believe. Press F1 to see the button configurations to be on the safe side. :thumbsup:

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You mean It'll get better with another Patch before They actually release the Game ?

:huh: - Whoa...

It's already Smokin' as is and I've already explained why I think so.

That said - Anyone up for a Chopper Ride ?


I'm Listed as SOTOMac COL. for a Player Name when I'm over at NovaWorld Playing ( Also have a "TS" Server We can use ).


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I had another run through tonight, and It's a LOT of fun. Would be even better if it was with some switched on guys using comms and team work :)

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