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joint ops mp demo today !!!!


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I'm a bit dissapointed with this. Terrain looks crappy, and gameplay isn't very much to brag over either. When will there be a GR-killer? Maybe never...? To summarize this one after my impression, it's run, gun, drive, fly and it ends up in being chaotic, not very intense...all over pretty bad. <_<

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My inital impressions of the game are somewhat the same, although I have to say that I do occasionally like the change of pace from GR's more tactical style of play.

For a Delta Force title (just to tar them all with the same brush ;) ) it's quite enjoyable, although the run - drive/fly/sail - gun - die - respawn cycle can get a bit repetative at times.

In my opinion though, the graphics did look nice, with the ability to hide in long grass and brush an added touch, particularly for all of you snipers out there. Whilst some of the weapons were useful, I found that being an engineer and lugging a Stinger around was the biggest waste of time (similar to BF1942's Desert Combat mod).

Scenery effects are nice (running off a Ti4600 128MB at 1024x786 with all options on high), with an acceptable framerate (pinging on 23 @ Novaworld to a UK server).

The similarity between some of the Joint Ops and Rebel skins leads to some element of IFF, but in most cases the people I was playing with tended to shoot first and identify later. <_<

My main gripe would have to be with the weapons models in FPWV (yes, I do like having that option), as the AK seemed nice and chunky, but the M4 looked far too thin, much preferred the BHD CAR15 model.

Overall then, I would give it a 7/10, more if you particularly like the style of play. I'm sure once the full version comes out there will be private servers where tactics can be used, but I get the feeling that bunny-hoppers may dominate the public servers (like so many other games....*sigh* :( )


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You know, I think there is plenty of scope for this.

bear in mind a couple of things, that I note from ppl posting here about different games:

GR is utter BS when played on a random server as Teams and with a bunch of noob runners.

We don't play GR that way - we play it in a highly organised format, playing by the book as it were, and have already grown to love the game.

When ppl shoot down games like Call of Duty and stuff like this demo here, they often lose objectivity - bear in mind you are not playing these games on a level playing field with GR. If you were to round up your usual GR buddies, and pplay the game as seriously as we all do GR - then I reckon the game engines could offer some real fun.

I played this for an hour last nite (after giving up waiting for team practice...this was at 10.15pm! :P:P;):rolleyes: ) and found it reasonably enjoyable. Of course it was mayhem - you need a year or so of good practice and good team mates to make something like that work. You also need a decent rig - or it will look crap of course.

GR looks pretty garbage these days in comparison to most new DX9 games. lets be honest - we are hanging on to it like a dead dog...in the hope GR2 comes along.

I'm not bashing GR here - I will always love it - but I am saying try not to be too blinkered and romantic when it comes to considering other games. It's all too easy to say "Awww...but they are all rubbish compared to GR"

I mean - that's garbage - I'm sure you wouldnt see that statement made at any other site. Just need to stay objective. It's the ppl here that make the site great, the game is just a passing part of that.

*preach over*


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I'll offer up My thoughts on the "J.O." Demo...

A Team Mate and I got into NovaWorld last Night and got a Game up'n'running. We ran around quite abit and looked at the Vehicles, Aircraft, and Gun Emplacements which were with My ATI Radeon 8500LE pretty sweet looking to say the least.

Don't get Me wrong I'm like Syncopator in this respect. If I can get all of My Team on the Novaworld Servers and then PW Our Game so only They and Friends can enter - Then this is going to be an Absolute Blast.

"G.R." is still the standard against which We will Judge other Titles but We as a Team ( |S.O.T.O| that is ) need to keep moving. Stagnancy is a Death Trip...

The only Game Mode available right now in the Demo is called ;

Advance and Secure.

This is a Mission Mode in which You have to capture both of the Enemy Bases to Win the Match. We just put a 1 in front of the 30 Minutes Time Limit and it then gave Us a Match lasting 130 Minutes. That said - As long as You don't go and capture the Bases - You'll have free run of the Maps and can use whatever equipment that You see fit.

We'll be keeping at 'Er tonight to see what the Demo and Ultimately the Title can do for Us as a Team.

I would suggest that If You are on the Fence about this Demo - DL It - You won't be sorry.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

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Yeah, game is as good as You make it. I mean if You start to run'n'gun well that is your choice but that will not be good choice against some organized gung who are trained and use voice communication.

For arcade FPS game JO seems pretty good in my opinion and very addictive.

I got demo two nights ago and didn't have time to sleep since was "occupied" by JO. :D

At the beginning I experimented (as everybody else) with everything that demo have to offer and game is definitely very playable.

While run'n'gun I didn't have much of success because it was rare when I managed to stay alive a little bit longer than 5 minutes. Again, when I took sniper and start camping situation was completely different. BTW, sniper is not good for shooting moving targets but once when got chance to shoot nobody survived first hit.

Finally deleted demo because I would like to get some sleep. :P


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Well - Members of My Team and I got on again last Night and tried out the J.O. Demo.

For Me last Night was a total waste of time as All I had was Immense Lag whenever I joined a Server. If I'd join a Server I'd get Bullet, Vehicle, and Frag Lag just like it used to be when We were evaluating RvS - Except worse.

I'll have to agree with another Team Mate of Mine here. It's probably not the Title for Our Team to consider but it is advantageous to have access to Vehicles, Aircraft, and Watercraft.

Another thing I liked was the Cockpit Views and I think that If We do go to SOLDNER - We'll be making up some Alpha Layer Cockpit Views for Ourselves ( Our Engineering Dept. will be on It - No worries ).

When I tried to Host My own Game it would Load - Get to the Game Screen - Then take Me back to the NovaWorld Gameserver Interface.

We were also unable to set a PW on a Team Mate's Server that would allow access to both Me and the other Team Members We had on at the Time.

All in all a Run'N'Gun to be sure. One thing that is to be noted here People is that there is now a tangible Standard for SOLDNER or the next Title to beat.


This will conclude My Testing of this Demo as I'm unable to play it to any further levels of satisfaction and seem to have lost My abiltity to further Evaluate It due to the reasons described above.

Owell - The SOLDNER Demo will be out in 4 Days MAX...

Sincerely and Respectfully,

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Yeah, I installed JO and started up a server just to check it out. While I like the thought of being able to swim, the graphics even on high for everything still looked like it was from something that was released 4 years ago. There were no decals where a shot landed. I uninstalled it very fast after that. Not worth my money IMO.

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IMO the graphics r not that bad but true, they r not FarCry like. What i like at this game is ability of hosting 100 people. I played on server with 92 people the other day and it was awesome and without lag. The fun is if u sneak up on the highest mountain on enemy island with SR-25 :ph34r:. I really like the bullet dropping on sniper rifles so u have to aim a little more precise from long distance. I think this game will have success.

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The fun is if u sneak up on the highest mountain on enemy island with SR-25 . I really like the bullet dropping on sniper rifles so u have to aim a little more precise from long distance. I think this game will have success.

Yup - this is what I mean., You need to stick with it and evelop the tactics to realise the game potential. Commandeering a dinghy with a buddy and sneaking around the enemy island before taking control of a jeep and hitting the mountain track, to go up and take a vantage point from behind the enemy base - then pick yer targets off.

Or sneak up to the enemies rear base (usually quiet) and nick a rocket or gun chopper and go add to the mayhem at their front base while under attack.

Checkout the gunboat - moored next to the container ship just off the east island - take a chopper out and dump in sea, then grab the boat and go lob some serious grenade launcher action on the enemy base from offshore.

So much potential for 15 v 15 team action (or more if it can handle) in a competitive leage set up. I reckon this would be cracking for members here (and other places.... :P ) and make for some excellent gaming.

yes - there are gripes...especially when playing 'public'. It doesnt really work when you dont know your team members and everyone is running round like noob idiots - driving your jeep away while you were using the machine gun to fend of chopper attacks, etc.

I reckon the glitches will be iron out by release - or at worst by the first few patches.

Rock on Joint-Ops - I'll be buying it...as one of only 2 or 3 purchases this year.

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I got to say, I love the game. And ever since ive patched the demo up, its been running a lot better to which is always cool. The new sniper character that came with the update looks sweet as well.

Like Boz said, its all about who you play with. Ill be looking for him weekend... :whistle:

Anyway, I turned on the AI and ran around looking at them...


Looks pretty nice, and thats just on medium detail. :rocky:

BTW, you can actually climb up in some of the trees... pretty cool when your sniping.

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No - but I aim to try it tonite, before GR practice (obviously!).

To both of you:

you know you can click on a tab in the server select screen to change it to PLAYERS. SO we can check to see if any of us are on and just join that game.

My name is WEEBOZ - so keep yer peelers open.

Perhaps we could arrange a time suitable for our time regions for this saturday or sunday - or even friday?

PS - good to see you sticking to the ol M16 Mr Sart!

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