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Your Call-Name?


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Before I signed up on GR.net i had seen a show about the USAF and its "Aggressor" squadrons that simulate the tactics of its opponents. Plus it has a nice ring to it, and sound bad @$$ :D


Pronunciation: &-'gre-s&r

Function: noun

Date: 1646

: one that commits or practices aggression :devil::o=

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Well i considered various names , even some others that i have used, but thought , new forum , new game , new handle.

Anyway whilst thinking up one and getting nowhere, i was drinking some GlenMorangie whisky , (minitures) started reading the tin the were packed in , it gave some info on the history of this single Highland malt, among other info i found that it was matured in American White Oak barrels. Took it from there. :)

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Havok has actually been my nickname since high school :devil: ...cause that is what i wreak ;) . Actually there's a long story to it and now that i am older it seems silly. Back in the day there was a bunch of us , a quasi-gang i guess, and we used to go to Montreal all the time to party ( one of the best party towns is Montreal, even though they frenchies. We were down in an arcade on St. Catherines St. (the main drag) and were playing Xmen vs Marvel iirc....where ya can be xmen or the fantastic four, i can't really remember. Anyways we beat the game and we all started calling ourselves comic book names like the kool kids we were :lol: My bestest friend got the nickname Cyclops even b4, can't tell ya why on these forums, and since Havok and Cyclops are brothers, Havok is actually X-Factor, and everyone said we looked like bro's, i got tagged with Havok. Dumb, eh ? Also there was this little matter of a bar-brawl that may have had something to do with it...but i was just taking exception to anti-anglo comments directed our way by silly frenchmen who thought we were true Toronto boys that didn't speak a lick of francais.... i knew taking french in school would pay off !!

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Well, I have been a sniper in Gr since it came out, and I was a sniper in all the R6 and Rogue Spear games. I was known then as the Phantom Sniper, but then I needed an MSN IM name, and phantom sniper was taken (of course) so I shortened it to phantom and added an easy to remember number. Voila.

Snipers are sneaky ######, but ghost wasnt ominous enough, so phantom it was.

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