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With the gr2 news Ive realised I no longer have years in my plan of GR modingnation. So heres the first part of the vcl pack promised. Just comes with the models and all and the vcl files, and a little test mission which I think is these screens. Download HERE





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The test mission, really hit and miss with wheather it would run for any of you. As for the weapons, if youd read the installer it explained no they dont work but Im sure someone could fake it. Also said you can either take my files and put it in your mod or just say you need this mod. Thanks guys ;)

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Question: Didn't you solve that annoying tailrotor and mainrotor-texture blocking the geometry behind it?

I thought you did, but the image shows it's blocking?

And if solved, did you figure out why and how it was solved??

EDIT: it seems only to be happening from certain viewing-angles doesn't it

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Nope never solved it, I tryed all the grouping methods I could think of and all diffrent save types. I belive thou that its just something GR does but theres something about the blackhawk that makes it not. :(

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