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(XBOX platform) I just began playing this game with my father, which is a rarity for him, but the two of us are on the airfield level (CO4). Anyway in the training missions under demolitions they train you with claymore mines, they say that the use is the same with the demolition charges. However, I find this to be inaccurate. The claymore allows you a trigger the demo charges do not. In this mission you are to use these demo charges, which I can plant but cannot blow up. How do u blow the damn things up?

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If the Xbox demo charges work the same as the PC/Mac demo charges, then you don't need to detonate them. In fact, you can't.

Instead, if you plant the charges, the mission script determines when they go off, usually after a preset amount of time, or after you complete the rest of the mission, etc.

In other words, stick `em where they need to be then forget `em.

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