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new aussie wep. to mod

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Well, turns out I wasn't delerious...


Members of the Indonesian elite force (BRIMOB), or mobile brigade, hang on a helicopter during a drill in anticipation of a major military offensive against separatists in Aceh

(photo: AP)

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Yeah but there Aussie Manufactured Steyr's and only there airborne units use them generally, we also built the Kiwi Steyr's and the Malaysian Steyr's.

Indon's use FNC's, m16's, Steyr's, Minimi's, AK's, SKS, G3's. There's a whole host of different weaponry- depends on units-etc Mil police use M16's generally, Milita or there Irregulars have been seen with SKS, G3, Ak, and even CAR15's.

In East Timor- SASR there was pretty even split between Steyr's and M4 Variants- by the time Ghan and Iraq came around there was no SASR carrying Steyr's the whole SOCOMD has been issued with M4A5 variants- CDT, 4RAR (CDO), 1CDO and 2CDO and of course SASR. ALso issued where XM-15 Bushmasters and recently SR-25's have been isssued.

When the SASR deployed to Somalia to provide security post Task Force Ranger Ops they carried a mix of Steyrs some iwht custom scopes and a few Minimi's for firepower.

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Here you go, guys;



Let me know what you think....(athough it's just my existing sniper/ precision rifle scope mounted on my existing Steyr carbine)

PS: special thanks to Giwex for linking the renders for me!

nice have a go at this 1


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Its just a Styr with a GL and Whacky Scope.

I cant find the renders, but streinger already made an awesome one for Op Stab, F88 AusStyr wil GL and Elcan sight, complete with AusCam tape.

All he would have to do is change the site.

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