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iago 71

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I have only been playing the game for a day or so (so excuse my ignorance!) on the Xbox and I have a question .When ordering the team that you are on at that specific time to a way point they wont go ,even if you bring up the 'plan both teams 'tab.

The other team will go off to their waypoint but my team will not move unless I move or switch to a member of the other team.is it not possible to give orders to all NPCs and be able to do my own thing ,without the other guys on the team that I am on at that point following me wherever I go

Maybe Im being obtuse and not getting something.

Advice anyone? :wall:

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I had the same issue when first playing GR ...no it's not possible moving around on your own,the other team members will always follow you. In a real fight that wouldn't be very clever either fighting on your own without backup,except for the sniper.I wish I could seperate the sniper and move him to a strategic position on his own but it ain't possible man :angry: but you can move the other team to wherever you want ....

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