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.:NCM:. SWAT Police mod


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Some SWAT snipers use cool rifles like the U$ 10.000 PSG1


Can you make a silent version of it?

In case you're interested there is a silenced PSG1 with camo in the following mod:TAW Weapons Power Pack Vol 1 - v1.05. Which can be found on the Downloads page under the Equipment section. ;)

Nightmare that SWAT skin looks great, lookin forward to this mod. :D

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Looking good guys.

Might want to check these two sites out...

Texas Tactical Police Officers Association : http://www.ttpoa.org

Virginia Tactical Police Association : http://www.vatacticalpolice.org/index2.html

Both sites are great, with alot of nice pics and links to other state sites. :)

This one cought my eye, awsome uni...


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SUHWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTT....i wanna go :o=:o=:o=:o=:o=:o=:o= already man.. very nice. if u need some guns for it i can help... check out my hecate post in the weapons forums. there is also and old M4 post u might find interesting. ive been looking to get into a bigger mod. im helping stalker_zero with his Sniper Cannon mod right now and im currently working on version 2 of my mod. IcePhantom Weapons Mod

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