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Re-texturing maps?


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Here's a question... I've been playing around with re-texturing some maps (more for the learning than anything else) and I've noticed that not all of my revised textures seem to take effect.

For instance, I retextured the ground on the first GR mission (caves) and added a neat snow cover. That worked.

But when I added snow textures to the trees and bushes, it didn't work.

I searched through the forum for re-texturing topics, and didn't see any that hit on this topic... so I thought I'd post a question.

Advice...? Ideas....?

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Brass Posted on Mar 20 2004, 07:09


you may have had a problem with the trees and plants because they use alpha channels that may be your problemĀ 

The alpha channel textures have nothing to do with it. Trees are dynamic objects and just like all dynamic objects in the game, they are lit dynamically by dynamic lighting, not by darkmaps at all. There is an option in the map editor to light dynamic objects via darkmaps but it is seldom used. This is the reason why people retexture maps and then see that their trees are still darker or still lighter than they would like. This same dynamic lighting effect is what also cause textures in your retexture to remain the "wrong" color. The only way to adjust this is a bit tricky and very few people around here know how to accomplish it.

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