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Canadian Ops 2.0


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I've been wanting to work on this one for a long time. Canadian Operatives was my first publically released mod for Ghost Recon. I believe that it may have been the second publically released mod for Ghost Recon, neck and neck with SnowAngel's SAS BETA, released just days after the release of the original game.

Cdn Ops was pretty popular but it was dwarfed by the far more popular G8 Special Forces and it's sequal, Sabre Teams. When I go back and look at this early effort, I cring... I've learned so much since then.

Canadian Operatives 2.0 will be my last "big" Ghost Recon mod (I have so much unreleased stuff, I'm sure I'll be releasing skin packs for some time after. I also intend to patch some of my earlier stuff)

I don't really expect that it will have the same appeal as G8 or Sabre Teams because of it's more focused theme (Canadian military stuff is pretty focused), but it's my intention to make this mod as technically perfect as I can. It's kind of like my baby :wub: Like Sabre Teams and G8, Canadian Operatives 2.0 features work from some of the most talented modders around. Expect great things :devil:

Here are two screenshots of the JTF2 unit from the mod.


CO2_JTF2_CADPAT_tn.jpg CO2_JTF2_tn.jpg

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I have a feeling that the Lost Thunder mod is alive and kicking. It's too bad that great maps take so long to perfect. :D

It pleases me to hear you say that as you probably have inside info. that I am not privy to. God that mod's gonna be great. :D

Anyway back to Canadian Ops. 2.0. Please keep the screenshots coming. :lol:

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BajaBravo you are the skinning God! Too bad you don't also have an American Ops in the works :( If you were doing an American Ops Mod you could make some of the stuff i saw at: http://www4.aixgaming.com/opend/American_F..._In_Afghanistan

Do you have an evil twin who is an American who would make an American Ops mod.

Anyways, keep up the superb work! We should use the USAF slogan "NO ONE COMES CLOSE" to describe you.

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I ran into a crew of ERT guys one morning on their way to training in Vancouver. Guess where... Tim Horton's!!! They were wearing all black with low contrast RCMP badges. Looked pretty badass. Didn't talk to them, they had the business look going, and I didn't want to get between them and their morning coffee...

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