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Exporting problems

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I have 3DSMax5 and i was following Ruins tutorial on exporting a chr.


I followed it step by step and everything was going fine untill i bumped into this:


Now, there’s a modifier above “Editable Mesh” called “Skin”. There’s a little light bulb on the left of the plus sign. White means ON, and gray means OFF. So, turn it off. This is done by simply clicking on it.

Now, go back to “Editable Mesh” and then click on the button that looks like a solid red cube called “Sub-Object”. Now use your mouse to select the words that say “Delete This After Attaching”. Now, hit the delete key on your keyboard. A window will appear that says “Delete Isolated Vertices?” Click on YES.

Now, get off sub-object by clicking on it again. And turn back on the “Skin” modifier.

Here’s where you’re probably going to yell (when using your own mesh).


The solid red cube is called element instead of subobject in version 5.

So far so good...but theres no Off Shoots like it supposed to be.

Did i miss something?

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Did you move from slide zero on the animation bar to slide one? That's usually when the offshoots gets visible.

And anything that allows you to deleate the text above the model will be ok, I usually use either subobject-faces or subobject-polygons to highlight the whole text and then deleate it.

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If you use a DS chr mesh, The model will bond nearly perfectly.

Use the subobject-element (picks whole object) to delete the writing.

Croc as long as your model "collapses" during animation all is well.

The "off shoots" only occur if the mesh is out side the default envelope area.

Keep up the good work :thumbsup:

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