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I need Volunteers to Test Out Three Missions


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I want to release a small modification but I want some others to test out first for me and maybe even give me suggestions for improving it. It is so small I can e-mail it to you. The modification will only fully work if you have Island Thunder expansion pack. You can play two of the three missions without Island Thunder however.

E-mail me if you are interested in being a Beta Tester.

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Hi Militiaman,

After testing the 3 maps for 2 days now (7 clan members Online) this is what we have:

Map one: The only problem with this map is it is to easy. It starts out ok, with all the people running around but then it lets up and there isn't anything to do but to kill afew.

Map Two: This map ran good with 7 players and it was raining. We liked the sniper on the other side , it made the game harder. The pop up men by the rail tracks was very good.

Map Three: At the start we seen one man by the Big door (left side ) that was facing the wrong way. Always started back at the start is a bumber! Some Mods if you win a area , you start back there. The map is very big this would help! Tanks?? Plz Also the ladys at the end ?? We just loved it!!

In all we liked them ! Let me know if you have updates

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Yes Add more enemies.(in the Army we always tryed to have over lapping fire ie cross fire. it makes it hard when you are pind down from two or three sides) Also with the tank, put it somewhere where we have a very hard time to get to it.. but he can shot at us. This will make the game alot harder. In Operation Rescue don't for get about the one guy facing the wrong way.

Also I tryed sending email to you... this is what i got error can't find user

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