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Community Expansion Pack??

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What soldier are you referring to? This has been part of the problem all along...too many files to keep track of! :wacko:

If you sent in a soldier to be put into the mod please forgive us and let us know which one that was again?

it's a German Fallschirmjaeger. the file names are:








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Hey guys, Im sorry to have not kept upto date with this project : Real Life and finishing of Op Dark Star.

I hope u guys wont mind, but the best I can do at moment for this project is offer a load of vehicles Ive been doing. :thumbsup:

If you are interested, just drop me a PM :yes:

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Hi all. I am back.....pff finally.

First I want to say sorry to all of you. I was forced to stop all my modding projects.

But now I am back :D

Expect my first promised updates soon. But as you might understand I have to reorganize my modding stuff to get back on track.

I will again start working on this tonight and the day after.....and the days after that one. :rofl:


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Ok I am back in business. All stuff is replaced. I lost some mission stuff but I can overcome that.

First I show you all the different skins I can see in the soldier selection screen.

This is ALL, if you miss some special forces pics.....they are not in.

I picked 10 different maps to see if the skins would change.









Let me know.

Edited by el nino foxhound
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I think thats all of them. :)

As soon as you stick the missions in there umm......omg the kits :(

Someone finish the kits?

Is been so long. I don't have itme to work on this anymore. The material is free for the ones who have access to the betas to work on em ok? At this moment el nino foxhound can you review who has access to the mod material?

Argh this stupid job of mine.

But I will help work on it when i get a chance

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I'm sorry guys. :(

Been working at the board of elections here in new york. And I guess you can imagine how EXTREMELY busy we have been the last several weeks. :(

IT was toture frankly. :(

But at least I will be makin money for my new pc parts. :)

But anyway if you guys would like to help out then please foxhound give them access to the files.

Please let us know if your still interested.


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I am really sad. Really really sad and angy at myslef.

I had mission 2 finished, only some end game triggers and stuff like that had to be done........And than BAMMMMMM Igor couldnt open the file anymore......not even any of my backups. :(

I did sent the file to Jack57 asking him if he could find the problem.......but it was a no go. I was so mad.......lots and lots of my really not much free time went in to that mission....

I decided to restart it again :(......Working on it now 24/7 almost and I have to admit....now I still know exactly what the script was and stuff its going quick.....I almost finished the script and than its time to put in some tangos.

One thing I have learned, right now I am making backups of each save and backing those up as backups LOL sending to my own FTP so even a HD crash cant get me down :)

@WP33 and Suicide........PM with all needed FTP info is waiting for you. Install the beta and check out what needs to be done.

Thanks a lot to both of you....its much appreciated you are willing to help us with making this mod up for release.

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