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Pretty sure Ill be treating myself to this in the next weeks, any one played it yet? I loved Deus Ex 1 and will probably get it no matter what you say, but heard rumors that it wasnt that great.

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dont bother i also eagerly awaited this sequel and i wish i hadnt , it didnt have the feel of the first infact it came across as nothing more than a lousy xbox port with buggy game play horrible textures and none of the plusses the first had.

it plays worse than halo on a high end machine and actualy looks better on an xbox, there is no redeeming features at all, sure it looks beautiful from the screeneis but it doesnt deserve the name, i took my copy back after one day

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My biggest complaint against DX2 was the fact that it truly is a console port.

Now, it's a role playing game, not an FPS, so that is not truly a problem in and of itself... but the level loading is horrific.

See, the levels were designed to fit nicely into the 64 megs of RAM an Xbox has. Thus, each level is tiny. I mean tiny. You may have to cross four or five loading zones four or five times to achieve one simple mission. Blah.

The plot is also much simpler. In Deus Ex, a single NPC could easily have expressed loyalty to a half dozen different groups, and you'd never be sure exactly who was who. The sequel dumbs that down quite a bit. Sure, there are a few surprises, but not exactly what I'd call intrigue.

That being said, it still was a fun (if short) game. It's no Deus Ex, but it's by no means a bad game... just not what I expected.

Do yourself a favour: Wait until the price drops nicely, and give it a play. I think it's worth buying, just not at full retail.

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I'll be selling loadsa PC games soon....I got like 50+ games (not all installed obviously), and I getting rid of some of the old ones etc. All money will go to charity....My charity....my bank account that is. I ain't got DX2 but I got hordes of other games. Anyone interested, hit me up with a PM and I'll let ya know what I got. Who know, maybe we can cut a deal - SoAF for £2.50 etc....

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I loved it.

Having said that, I never did play the original (only the demo, IIRC), and thus have nothing to truly compare it to.

I found the whole thing to be the most immersive gaming experience I've had in a very long time. The settings and storyline were incredible and pretty awe-inspiring. Graphically it beats Raven Shield hands-down (and most other recent games, for that matter) and, although I've heard wide-spread complaints of poor framerates, etc., it ran beautifully on my not-so-hot computer. I suppose your mileage may vary.

In fact, it was this game that really got me into Sci-Fi and after playing it, I've since read a handful of excellent Philip K. Dick novels. My only complaints would be: it could be longer (I had been hoping for a bit of an epic); and the multiple ending thing is a bit superficial but interesting nonetheless.

Well worth a shot matey-boy. :yes:

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